Monday, October 1, 2012

Najib's Art Of War: The Warrior Move....

Here Najib's art of war. It about time for Najib to show the warrior move...
  • Be brave in going down to the ground to fight for the people’s welfare despite facing various challenges.
  • Do not be afraid, do not be afraid to go into the ring, this is the spirit we must have.
  • Bravery was the spirit of a real fighter.
  • Show our strength, we must have the spirit to fight, fight when you are in adversity.
  • With strong fighting spirit, hard work, teamwork and strategic planning, BN could ensure all efforts to capture the hearts of the people were successful.
  • The time had come for BN to be more offensive and not be afraid to change, especially in recapturing the opposition states.
  • Development is very good because of the cooperation.
  • Rejuvenation of spirit to be a good valuable partner. Only then, you’ll find your finest hour.
  • Be wary of the opposition’s three main “weapons” which were condemning, instigating and making all sorts of promises in trying woo the people.
  • Sweet promises made by PR were actually nothing more than venomous poison for them.
  • PR is not registered as a common party nor do they have a common symbol
  • We go and face the people as BN, but the opposition will go to the people with different faces.
  • PR did not have a common position and common policy on how this country was going to be administered.
  • Opposition’s failure in unveiling its ‘shadow cabinet’.
  • Country should not be governed by the opposition pact who kept on making unfulfilled promises.
  • 75 % of promises by PR, remained unfulfilled while the BN had to step in to resolve 
  • The underlying philosophy in budget preparation was that the people must come first and all steps taken were for them.
  • Budget is about the people as well as about moving the economy. You can’t just talk about the rakyat without moving the economy, without attracting foreign investment, domestic investment, innovation and productivity.
  • There are 111 initiatives or touch points in Budget 2013. Read them one by one.


Anonymous said...


The warrior moves into battle. Askar-askar dia masih dok tido dalam kem lagi, setengah dok tunggu BR2M dulu. Hanya askar kat jantut je dah kuar marching nak pi medan perang? ye la kot...

Anonymous said...

Salam Wan. Setuju bahawa warrior perlu berani. Tapi Najib masih lg takut nak menghadapi musuh nya di gelanggang debat.

Anonymous said...

debate is not an art of war but the true war is how him manage to win the election.

Wan Zamzuri Wan Hasenan said...

Yes indeed WZWH totally agreed with Anon 10:45 view.

Anonymous said...

Is this your piece or someone else?

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