Thursday, February 14, 2019

Malaysia is a FAKE State?

What we have in Malaysia?

Fake degrees, 
Fake datukships, 
Fake news, 
Fake leaders, 
And fake election promises.

Why be apologetic?

Accountability should be a basic.

Mismatched cabinet and EXCOs. Dropped out university of Ministers and MBs

It is too messed up, directionless.

60% of Malays are said to have lost faith in the government, because of Promises remain unfulfilled.

A politician is to be honest and deliver. At the very least, have a real college degree.

Fake power.
Fake promises.

'Multicultural Malaysia', but we have a fake educational philosophy that cannot handle the truth about the nature of society.

The truth about fakeness

Fakeness is not a national policy?

Apologists say that having fake degrees is only about papers and qualifications? 

If we do not have honest leaders corruption take root.

Educate future generations of the importance of ethics and intellectual sustainability.

Before we become a failed state...

We must not become a fake society...

Ruled by a regime producing fake promises...

Fake economic system of misguided priorities.

Malaysia is a FAKE State?


Anonymous said...

We do also have
Fake account by to avoid sst
Fake credit card
Fake ic used
Fake woman (sajat)

Anonymous said...

Sape penulis artikel diatas? Mcm fake je

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