Monday, February 14, 2011

Racial Equality Mahathir: A Critique Of Pure Unreason By Non-Malay Youths

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad placed racial equality as top on his list of priorities to develop the country if he were given a second shot at running the country as prime minister. Dr Mahathir  that despite having relinquished his job for over seven years now he still had “many ideas” on how to improve development in Malaysia.

“I have many ideas that can help to develop the country especially to achieve racial unity “But these plans can only be carried out by those in power because I am not in power all I can do is try to influence the present leaders ”

“My wish if I were to be PM of this country again which is unlikely is to ensure that Malaysia achieves its objective to achieve developed nation status ”

The outspoken octogenarian explained that now that he was no longer in government his only avenue to affect changes in the country was by speaking with present government leaders and writing in his blog chedet co cc.

Several critiques by mostly non-Malay Youths represent the degree of unreason due to lack of understanding of the present Malaysian diverse and polarised society. Thus this will inherently divide the nation move toward racially based sentiments that at the end will make Malaysia the next potential racial outburst conflicts.

We as Malaysian should uphold the concept of 1Malaysia however vague the concept is the ultimate goal is racial unity. Racial equality brings stability and economics prosperity to Malaysia. Is up to the leaders of all political parties to observe this racial equality.

Here of many comments that are not in line with Mahathir dream of racial equality in Malaysia..

God forbid he becomes PM again. He already says the nonBumis are advantaged so wonder what plans he has to cut them down to size.

Gatil Patail· 1 day ago
According to Mahathir racial equality cannot be achieved, it is a continuous process until the end of the world. To support this the Malays will always be tagged as owning 10% though they may own 90%. This sort of manipulation is only believed by Mahathir's supporters consisting of racial perverts. The rest of the population can only hope the restruturing of the country will be done by external forces.

shuk· 1 day ago
Developed nation?what about the corrupt culture left behind after 22 years of premiership?

Ahmad Sobri· 1 day ago
Too little too late! The country today is never more divided because of Tun! You had erred and Malaysia will be further burdened by your senility! Your selective amnesia, the racist in you will never ensure racial equality in this country. 

Dream on Tun, just retire gracefully and interact with LKY more often, then you will have a better idea of what racial equality is and how to bring this country to a develop and world class country! If not for you the country will never be as divisive as it is today!

saiful bahri· 23 hours ago
Dr mahathir seems to be changing his tune to suit the audience, like most politicians. 

To malay zealots, he sells Malay dominance in inflammatory language. In more congenial and gentrified surroundings he tries to pass himself as a liberal with moderate opinions. 

There's no telling what his real intentions are.

Danny· 23 hours ago
Racial equality ? From a man that supported Perkasa ? Regardless of what you may think of him , you need to admit , his skin is thick .

Nasi Kerabu· 23 hours ago
We need young and dynamic guys to come... Not old timers coming in to destroy opposition and protect family's wealth...

did he prioritise racial equality in the 22 years he was in power?

Ahmad· 23 hours ago
How can racial equality become his top priority when he also supports Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali?

adamckteh· 23 hours ago
How many times TDM had said that, racial equality? Ini cakap bagi non-bumi siok sahaja. He is phishing for the non-bumi support. What a cunning fellow. We can forget about him and march forward without him. 

Dodo Bird· 22 hours ago
His defination of 'racial equality' differs from how most of us would define it. To him, the malays have not yet achieve economic supremacy in this country, therefore, there is now a racial INEQUALITY and hence, if given a chance to rule as PM again, he would like to equalize this 'injustice'. 

Private schools are filled with non malays, so again there is an INEQUALITY in this aspect as well ! If given a 2nd shot as PM, he would like to achieve racial equality here too, so that malays students would also flood the private education system. 

The above are some examples why there is still racial inequality in this country, according to him. So lets all push to bring him back as PM to achieve 'racial equality'.

NonBumi· 22 hours ago
"If PM again, Dr M would prioritise racial equality". His version of racial equality is when more should be given to bumiputra whom he thinks is lagging behind the other races. Therefore, knowing that it is unlikely for him to be PM again to do more for bumiputra he formed Perkasa to do the job. It is now proven that Perkasa could even caused the NEM to be watered down as publicly claimed by the an NEAC member Dato' Zainal.

Emden· 22 hours ago
You had your chance. You messed up.

royalty· 22 hours ago
If all of you think you know what his version of "racial equality" really means, you'd be mistaken. God forbid if this phoenix ever rises!

QUOTE: "Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad placed racial equality as top on his list of priorities to develop the country if he were given a second shot at running the country as prime minister. " 

How about your Ketuanan Melayu then? Or are you talking about racial equality within the context of Ketuanan Melayu, whatever that means.... All I know is that I am utterly confused.

nanas· 22 hours ago
Malaysia got no more better brains...meh ???....therefore having to prevent a great-grandpappy from enjoying his hard-earned golden years ???

Mahathir, once you can have Perkasa as leading party of Umno and the other BN components, then, you will fulfill your wish as prime minister for the 2nd time for 23 years to break the previous 22 years record. First, why don't you instruct that Ibrahim Ali to get all his members and submit the application forms to join the BN. And since Perkasa is able to command Umno, you will be appointed as prime minister for the second time. But, what is the chances of Perkasa, Umno and BN components versus Pakatan Rakyat in GE13. The big problem is that, the only surviving party is Umno while all Mic, Mca, Gerakan are completely wiped out and the Umno could lose the Fed Govt rule this time. As you know, Perak is the first expected state to fall to Pakatan Rakyat in the coming general election.

Mubarak Pharoah· 22 hours ago
Bro, get BN to nominate you for Kerdau buy-election is better la. If you win the Kerdau buy-election, then you can be the next Pahang Menteri Besar. 

Then in the next GE which will be held in the next 6-9 months,as Pahang MB, give yourself a simple BN MP seat like Kuantan or get a seat from MCA since they are bound to lose 1000% wherever they are in the next GE. You can save 1 seat for BN this way. 

If you can win your Kuantan MP seat, then no doubt you will be PM again la! 

Don't try to fly before you learn how to walk AGAIN bro!

Is this some sort of not so subtle campaign to make Mahathir PM again?

If PM again, anwar will never ever smell freedom anymore

Arm-no only has one idea of achieving racial "equality" and that's by depriving others the rights and opportunity to succeed. It's a case of if I can't catch up with you I would try to sabotage you to slow you down. These people can only succeed by making sure that others failed no matter what's the cost is to the nation. How to become developed nation ???

Of all but why this despot again. At a time when the current progressive citizens trying to undo his despicable acts and policies why is that you guys (news channel) are giving him space to express his stupid views again and again. 
His faculties are not in sync, he is in his twilight years best described - apa nama 'nyanyuk'. 
He is reliving his past limelight like he used to be during the bad old dictatorship days. 
He's desperate. Ignore, he will fade away naturally. 

Note: The list of atrocities are too long and very deceiving.

Doubtful· 20 hours ago
His idea of having racial equality will be to convert everyone into 1 race.

QUOTE: If PM again, Dr M would prioritise racial equality. 

He had 22 years to do that, but he didn't. Wonder whether he ate the wrong medicine yesterday, especially since he is a very strong supporter of Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa and Ketuanan Melayu.

Do not expect an old leopard to change his spots. He does not remember that he has spots.

Ravin· 17 hours ago
Yeah right equality but some are more equal than others!!

Eternal Mountain· 17 hours ago
I am confused by what TDM said of his desires for racial quality. If his racial equality means mirroring the exact racial composition of the nation and translating them into all level of society then areas like tangible wealth, public & private sector employment, home ownership, scholarships etc must mirror that racial equality. One must not have any qualm on TDM's desire if he truly means what he says. I am fify this year..... of late TDM spoke so much in riddles. I really do not know what is sincere and what is political. I have lost the plot.

Good, and he will keep Ibrahim Ali as his trusted deputy. Alhamdulillah, this beloved country has rid of him from damages he may created.

Mat Lanun· 16 hours ago
Equality in Poverty

change28· 16 hours ago
The man appears to be incoherent nowadays: 

One day a call to protect the race and the next a call for racial equality. 

In the end, Mahathir is living out his failures as a PM all over again in his old age!

Can you imagine the gall of this tale carrier? He is one of the world's most rabid racist and yet he tries to hoodwink the minorities yet again.

Rampage· 16 hours ago
then what the hell have you been doing for the past 20 over years Det?

Mahathir has already done so much damages. Look at he systematically discriminated & marginalized the non-Muslim minorities through blatant abuse of article 153 not of reasonal but of abnormal proportion.

love malaysia· 16 hours ago
He fights at any cost. He willing to use cruel methods to achieve it in the fight.

He can't be serious to even think he can be PM again! 

He already bungkus Malaysia in about everything he touched. 

No never again.

vote for change· 15 hours ago
PM ? again ? sorry no thanks DR M we all know how capable you are after 22 years of premiership. please leave malaysia alone and enjoy your retired life

Uniquely Boleh· 15 hours ago
We all know way too well your 'unique' definition of 'racial equality', looking at all the poisonous comments and 'ideas' you have been 'contributing' in recent years. Thank god you're out!

Give Mahathir another 22 years of his lopsided development and the country will trail Somalia.

Molineux· 15 hours ago
He has started a joke that has got the whole non-Malays community laughing......

he will never say if let him has a chance to be PM he would not be the country will not full of corruption and so crony...he is the one start practice a lot of thing AND we are the one suffer from the plant he seed....

summerwinter· 15 hours ago
TDM had said that the country belongs to the Malays and now wants to promote equality amongst the people.. Isn't that a contradiction? 

He had lost a golden opportunity to progress the community by teaching and training them to be self reliant and competitive. Corruption had siphoned off huge resources meant for the poor and needy. Grandiose ideas and spending continue to drain our funds. We are lacking both in political and economical principles. Ethnic relations are worse than ever before , aided by narrow religious zealousness. It will take a lot to get out of our quagmires. Equality should have been expounded on 31 August 1957. It may be too late now.

Phua Kai Lit· 14 hours ago
Step One: stop supporting fascist groups such as PERKASA.

alvis· 14 hours ago
He will churn out more Tongkat to achieve racial equality....and not to forget more cronies to enrich politicians.

Evil Buster· 14 hours ago
Cakap tak serupa bikin. Hypo.

Andrew C.· 14 hours ago
I would like to ask Dr. MM what he means by "racial equality" . Does he have a new policy to "equalise" all Malaysians? Will he improve the standards of schools, colleges and universities? Will he give scholarships based on merit or talent? How will he ensure justice, fairplay and transparency in the economic sphere? 
Andrew C.

Prioritise racial equality....!!! Oh!...You Father of inequality,Father of discrimination,written or unwritten!You will never be satisfied until all the minorities left the country,by then, a basket case(honestly,I really don't know 'cause god decided that I or other humans will not live forever,which is a good thing.....,hey!who said this is a great and wonderful world!) except the privileged class! I wonder if they will blame the stars and the moon,because there are not many minorities left, conveniently as usual,as the scapegoats!

Wou Chau chin· 14 hours ago
He is already a nuisance without power. The faster he disappears from the scene, the better. God forbids he becomes PM again.

fuad selamat· 14 hours ago
what is his definition of racial equality???? 
enought is enough 22 years of mismanagement is enough................Najib is trying to undo your mess

M'sian· 14 hours ago
Equality ?................. deep word to understand.

harry· 14 hours ago
when oil & gas runs hard, other neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam overtakes our country,the brain drained and skilled labour lacking we will wake up our nightmare comes true . when then for our labour force whose has nothing to offer not even cheap labour. Wake up all Malaysians, regardless of race, the world does not owe us a living.

plain joe· 14 hours ago
Malaysia would be better place and would probably be alongside with Korea, hk or even Singapore if his grandfather had not migrated from India in the first place The systematic indoctrination of his warp ideology during his rule only serve the vested parties and his supporters has cause irreparable damage which would take decades to untangle and at worst case impregnated acceptance for future generation and continue to be main barrier for our country to be alongside be progressive democratic nations and always be known as a 3rd world countries. Just look at our pathetic education, law enforcement,judicial and burgeoning civil servants with digressive productivity after 54 years of independents and 22 golden years of it was from a man who wanted to undo the wrong. Do you want to give him second chance?

Other things I don't know, all I know is if he were to be PM again, the Crooked Bridge to Singapore will be realized in one years time.

Yes, he will prioritize by putting Bumi interest first. Enough of his racial destructive ideas, his legacy speaks volumes.

yearofsnake· 14 hours ago
Frankly if he is the one who started 1Malaysia during his premiership he could implement them fully because he had the power and ruthlessness to chopped of those who opposed him whether they are from his or component parties.

Leonardine· 13 hours ago
You have one shot in the locker and you stuffed it real bad. You are a disgrace today.

maxhoi· 13 hours ago
My toes are laughing. 
The witch is trying to woo snow white to eat another apple to go back to sleep. hahaha.

marion· 13 hours ago
Beware! He speaks with a forked tongue. He was and still is the main stumbling block towards racial unity.

shukri· 13 hours ago
He can promote racial harmony by not spewing racist remarks as he has done since his 'retirement'.

Ben Taine· 12 hours ago
All of you with abusive mouth and tongue should all become PM and see if you are only good in talking! However bad you say he is, he has proven himself not only locally but internationally. What have you contributed to the country beside your foul mouth?

rabbitinasiapacific· 11 hours ago
Green light for BN to go all out to prioritize race equality..,and MI will be disappointed.. know why you reacted so wisely...

Tigeryk· 11 hours ago
If I am the PM, I will transform Malaysia into the best and th richest nation in the world ... no need NEP or NEM, no discrimination, no corruption, no AP, no illegal immigrants, free education, free medical .... everyday is Valentine Day ... freedom of worship .... zero crime.

Leroy· 11 hours ago

WindsOfChange· 11 hours ago
If Mad Apanama becomes PM again, then we will have Malaysia's version of Egypt's change of government. All Egyptians and those Malaysians who have fled to Malaysia will have to flee back to Egypt.

Sure or not ??? 

Cakap tak serupa bikin !

vincent tan· 10 hours ago
Now he wish to have a second chance to achieve racial equality? Because as PM for 25 years, he managed to achieve racial INequality???

trial&error xPM· 10 hours ago
It's quite entertaining to know he is in the entertainment programme now. 
What's next ? The Best Magician in Malaysia?

Concerned· 10 hours ago
He has many faces as opinions. He sings a different tune depending on who the audience is. Bottomline, it sucks.

pendatang· 7 hours ago
i too have a lot of ideas to improve the country ......can i be PM.....please...please...please.....

Lung Hien Ching· 7 hours ago
Never again! This person is a racist! What equality is he talking about? His own racist definition. His regime is defined by stark racist policies and and downright subversion of law and decency!

Malaysian Insider reports on 12 February: "If PM again, Dr M would prioritise racial equality." 

Errmmmm, the New Sunday Times today (13 February) says "Mahathir tells why NEP must continue... The New Economic Policy must continue because its objectives have not been met, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said. 

So now, you know what the truth is.

Suhaib Roche· 6 hours ago
Instead of going for PM, why dont you ask your fav protégé for a seat in gov as MM? LKY would be 'happy' to hear that. Right LKY??!

Mahaithir, thinking of another wishful extended 22 years of rampant corrupt practice if given another time as a prime minister. Don't have another silly wishful thinking because how can such thing to such a person like you. If liow ka ting can become the 2nd time as MCA president, then, he can give you his newly found concocted strategic formula for your application in the next Umno AGM. .

Pendatang· 5 hours ago
Your a bigot Tong ar i mean Tun u seemingly speak racism,in umno meeting u say malay is king in mic and mca meeting u profess racial equality........thsi is ketuanan melayu this is Dumno leaders until today

Anak Napoh· 4 hours ago
Malaysians are not stupid to allow you to be the PM if you can be the PM. 

All systems were destroyed by you. None of Malaysia institution is world class, except some citizens. The bumi first policy failed the nation miserably. Coupled with the corruption mindset, the country is in the brink of bankruptcy, to say the least.

Johan· 4 hours ago
Mahathir, father of the nation, father of modernization, the master, and will always be my hero, regardless what they commented on you, you have achieved an excellent and remarkable success and laid a strong base for the future of all Malaysians. though you might not be able to see it someday, but I will always remember you (so as my children and grandchildren) as our father and our master. Thank you very much..

Popeye· 3 hours ago
Unbelievable man ? He who screws up is trying to rectify it ! Amazing dream !

mahathir sucks· 3 hours ago
well, well, if it isnt the return of the prodigal minister...what is it with ex ministers who feel like they have contibuted an unsurpassable amount of good for the nation when in fact all that he has done is to create a parasitic sanctuary for those who can feed off this political ecosystem. it is more appaling when he is credited with instilling unity in the country. he has done more bad than good, the son of an indian immigrant who has turned on his on people. if there is to be a definition for the adega seperti kacang lupakan kulit, it should read mahathir! enough la for the wolf in sheeps skin who has done good for the nation, we thank you with the hurt you have caused the minorities to carry on for generations to come.

Restu· 3 hours ago
iF as second time PM, DrM should gets the non-Bumi to return any shares belong to Bumis during Ali-Baba's DEB period.

raffid· 3 hours ago
this old man thinks that malaysian needs him and je can save malaysian. he should learn from LKY and bring the standard of living higher. what have he done the last 22 years. poloce are still the same, UMNO still the same who wants to be served by the public, wear suits to meet the public, treats the public like servant instead this UMNOs and BN should should be serving the citizens, the roads and the drains are stilll very dirty, the Chinese have no say in this country, the indians are not well taken care of, the malays gets so much assistance from the government to the extend that some become lazy and sell contracts that they are entitled to. Please dont come back, you should join PERKASA and work together like that bloody fool Ibrahim ALI the katak. Both you are so useless and is not an asset tom the people of malaysian. You have ruin this country terribly. Let Mr Najib rebuild Malaysia since you have done so much damage. Stay at home and play with you grandchildren. please feel ashame of your incable leadership. No one appreciate what you have done. You should sit down with that katak and have a nice of coffee in the coffeshop. You are not capabale like our neighbour;s ex PM.

Chan KH· 54 minutes ago
Racial Equality simply means implementing the Perkasa formula. Malay will have 65% of everything as they have 65% of the population !

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rabbit said...

Singaporean here, in response to raffid, LKY's policies are also very much criticized lol, the problem with these leaders is that they need to listen to the voices of the people, that's why we elected them to power. They're ruling like ignorant selfish kings in their ivory towers, hence bit by bit we smash their towers down with the power of social media.

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