Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rafizi Ramli The New PKR Leader In The Making

In the eyes of the law  these two people are breached the Bafia Act. One is ex bank clerk and the other one is accountant by profession.

So the accountant becomes politician, famous Rafizi Ramli the Strategic Director of PKR.

This new boy of PKR really smart and intelligent bring interesting issues such:

  • NFC
  • Ampang LRT
  • Cut car tax

The issue of reducing car tax really really appeal the 'rakyat' especially youth. Everybody likes to buy cheap car, cheaper car and branded one.

To the corporate community and the learned society they understand why Rafizi was arrested and charged in court for breach of Bafia Act.

But not to the Pakatan Rakyat supporter at large! They adore and love Rafizi. He becomes a martyr overnight.

Of course the Pakatan Rakyat supporter most of them are fond of anarchism. For them to conquer Putrajaya is more important than respecting the laws.

While other prominent PKR leaders are tainted with scandals and negative perception, hence Rafizi Ramli emerges as a promising, bright, clean the new PKR leader in the making.

Will Rafizi be the future PM material if Pakatan Rakyat can win GE 13 and the next GE?

And what the expert says...

The Rafizi Ramli exposè of the National Feedlot Centre (NFCorp) Scandal: The Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 [Act 711] Point of View.


The National Feedlot Centre (NFCorp) is a firm that runs the Federal Government’s cattle farming project, which was awarded to the firm in 2006

Linked to former Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil’s family.

Probe into financial mismanagement of NFCorp beganlate last year, as a result of the Auditor-General’s 2010 report that NFCorp only achieved 41% of its target of 8000 cattle in 2010.

Since the scandal broke in October 2010, PKR has been demanding Datuk Seri Shahrizat for explanation on the alleged financial mismanagement and corruption, in addition to unveiling further allegations of financial misappropriation by NFCorp.

The Charge

Mr. Rafizi Ramli, the strategy director of PKR, who also happens to be the Petaling Jaya Utara MP was charged under subsection 97(1) of BAFIA for disclosing four customer profile documents pertaining to the balance summary of NFCorp, National Meat and Livestock Sdn. Bhd., Agroscience Industries Sdn. Bhd. and Datuk SeriMohamad Salleh Ismail (Datuk Seri Shahrizat’s husband) to two individuals, namely –

A media consultant named Yusuf Abdul Alim; and

A journalist named Erle Martin Carvalho,

At the PKR headquarters in Merchant Square, Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1 on 7 March 2011.

Conviction will result in a fine up to RM3 million and jail up to three years.

A conviction will also seriously jeapordize Mr. Rafizi’s chance of standing as a candidate in the next general elections and defending his seat.

Mr. Rafizi’s arrest and subsequent charge is being touted by certain quarters as victimization of a whistleblower and would only serve to deter “future whistleblowers”, and would deal a serious blow to the public’s perception on the government’s seriousness in combating corruption.

Mr. Rafizi’s plight from Act 711’s point of view

Careful reading of Act 711 clearly shows that Mr. Rafizi does not fall within the ambit of a whistleblower envisaged by the Act, for several reasons –

The disclosure was not made to any enforcement agency – breach of section 6 of WBPA

The information disclosed was made public – breach of section 8 of WBPA

His identity is known to all and sundry – breach of section 8 of WBPA

He had revealed information which is prohibited by BAFIA from being made public– subsection 97(1) of BAFIA and section 6 of WBPA. Even under section 8 of the WBPA the disclosure of improper conduct cannot be disclosed or ordered to be disclosed in any court of law

Looking at the players involved in this drama it is clear that the actions of Mr. Rafizi and the people coming to his defence are clear examples of manipulation of the letters of the law to suit one’s political agenda.

The Opposition will never stop politicking every move of the Government, even to the extent of manipulating the tenets of the law and provisions of legislations to suit their agenda.

Their loose interpretation of the term “whistleblower” is clearly used as a tool to attack and ridicule the effort and good intention of the Government in introducing Act 711 in the first place.

The reasons a whistleblower should remain anonymous are –

1. Protection of the information contained in the disclosure

2. For his protection and safety, as well as the safety of the persons related to him;

3. Protection of the person accused of the wrongdoing, should investigation reveal him to be innocent after all; and

4. Protection of any person named in the information disclosed, who may be harmed if the information is made public.

Mr. Rafizi’s conduct is a pure case of character assassination as he would stoop to despicable means to obtain information in order to taint the reputation and good name of certain individuals or his political rivals.

The action of the people coming to his defence in claiming that he is a whistleblower who is being victimized for being a member of the Opposition, despite knowing that he did not come with clean hands is also aclear case of manipulating and distorting the provisions of the law to confuse and influence the public, or rather, pretending to be ignorant of the letters the law or just plain stupidity on their part.

The conduct and attitude of the Opposition is shameful, irresponsible and contemptuous towards the spirit of the Act, and it would be a shame for them to seek protection under this Act when it is appallingly clear that goodwill and betterment of the nation was the last thing they had in mind when making such claims.Instead, all that they have to offer is criticism of the government’s effort in combating corruption and claiming their rogue acts as a class act in unveiling corrupt practices and knowing that such information is prohibited by law from public disclosure, yet unashamedly claiming to the whole world that they deserve the protection under the very Act that they have been criticizing. 


Anonymous said...

Rafizi...a hero who doesn't use brains said...
"Laws are laws & rules are rules".

These are things we CANNOT do anything about. No doubt RAFIZI RAMLI took great effort, burden & risk to expose the NFC saga but having all said, RAFIZI RAMLI did indeed commit criminal breach of trust (CBT) by disclosing bank accounts of which are clearly "WRONG" in the context of 'Law & Order'.

Perhaps he should take a 'smarter' approach in exposing this saga rather than acting as if he is Waltz Disney's PETER PAN of whom think this world have no whatsoever law & order. I'm amazed all those brains & political scientists behind Pakatan Rakyat couldn't assist RAFIZI to come up with a smarter approach. This poor dude could be destined for PENJARA & his political career can be considered 'TAMAT'.

As a responsible adult, I reckon RAFIZI to shoulder the charges like man. His political career might be finished due to his national heroic act against BN but someone gotta be sacrificed for a better tomorrow, correct??? Well, I don't see any BIG PROBLEM for Pakatan Rakyat even if RAFIZI is found guilty. After all, it's just 1 'NOT SO SMART' individual of whom didn't bother to use BRAINS to attack its' foes. Such a person is better to be omitted from Pakatan Rakyat as I don't see him having the intelligence to survive long in the dirty world of politics.

"Thanks RAFIZI for all your sacrifices but too bad you're lack of a smart political brain"


Anonymous said...

Rafizi pastinya hebat.Anuar dengan sokongan Amerika dengan secara tidak langsong yang terlalu berminat campur tangan dalam urusan negara lain, terutama negara islam.
Tahniah Amerika dan yahudi yang berjaya meruntuhkan apa juga komflik yang berlaku di negara Arab.Lihat Syria teringat PKR, teringat Anuwar dan strategisnya sdr Rafizi dengan demonstrasi jalanan dan Reformasi bagi meruntuhkan satu kerajaan yang dipilih secara demokratik.Kita bukan Syria !!!.Apakah rakyat Malaysia ini tertindas.

Cubaan dengan cara kotor yang dilakukan PKR harus tidak diberi tempat.Rakyat tolak PKR dengan agenda mereka bagi menghuruharakan negara demi kuasa. Malaysia practise moderation and we want to keep it that way.PEACE.


Anonymous said...

Demi rakyat dan demi sebuah keadilan, ramai pimpinan PR sanggup dilockup, dijail dibelasah hatta sanggup berkorban nyawa.

Demi perut, demi keuntungan fizikal dan demi habuan dunia, ramai pimpinan BN sanggup melakukan apa saja...hatta harta rakyat menjadi hartanya. RM1 untuk kamu, RM1 juta menjadi milik ku.

Aku perhati, mentaliti puak2 UMNO yg tidak mau berubah ini, bila ada penentangan terhadap UMNO maka mereka terus menuding jari kpd penentang ini dgn 'tuduhan standard' iaitu sebagai ajen US dan talibarut barat/yahidi..Kelemahan diri, keburukan dalaman disimpan di bawah karpet sampai BN dikebumi.

'Inilah UMNO yg ku kenali setelah 11 tahun aku bersaman mu. Selamat tinggal UMNO, aku sudah bermufarakah'.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha
Berapa harga Rafixi sekarang

Kalau katak berharga 2 Juta RM
Rafixi hargaNya tidak kurang Dari RM 5 juta

Tapi Rafixi adalah Perjuang
Bukan katak
Yang tahu banyak tanggapan2

Yang Akan bertahan


Anonymous said...

Aku lihat pembangkang ia ia saja buat fitnah pada UMNO.Mungkin ada manusia dalam mana mana parti pun korup termasok UMNO,PKR, DAP danPAS.Orang korup kita reject dan kita dedahkan .Bukankah itu yang Najb dan BN buat .Tak kisahlah dia dulu tu menteri ke .Aku lebih risau dengan PR memerintah kerana aku tahu mereka kalau diberi peluang pun korup.Aku tahu racis DAP korup kerana kaum ini bertuhankan duit dan sanggup buat apa juga kerana duit saperti:
Dadah,perjudian,pelacuran,penipuan, penyelewengan wang dan macam macam lagi.Mendiang Teo Beng Hock terjun mati kerana rahsia korupsi boss DAPnya berjaya dicungkil !!.Tidak dapat cover malu.Apa perlu Pencegah Rasuah tolak dia jatuh bagi mati ? sedangkan. Beliau pemegang maklumat korupsi boss DAPnya.

Maka saya memilh UMNO/BN yang sangat adil.Kita mahu PR jadi pembangkang sebagai check and balance.Harap maklum.

Untuk Rafizi, Welcome to he world of dirty PR politics.

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