UMNO: From Sapiens To Homo Deus

Why UMNO conquer Malaysian politics for the last 70 years?

UMNO contribute 4 things:

The Cognitive Revolution
The Agricultural Revolution
The Unification of Malays
The Nation Bulding Revolution

UMNO dominate politics because it's members can cooperate flexibly in large numbers.

UMNO from it's unique capacity to believe in things existing purely in imagination.

The trend for UMNO has increasingly been towards political and economic interdependence and globalisation.

The End of UMNO? Will homo deus like Mahathir and Anwar may soon end UMNO? 

Not exactly, some UMNO leaders will be homo deus at par excellence!

UMNO could find the algorithms to replace Mahathir, Anwar and DAP.

Political developments in colloboration with other sapiens can replace the renegade homo deus for the last and final rest.

UMNO will be last long for eternal life, UMNO will all become homo deus.

UMNO Homo Deus!


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