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The Demise of Malacca

WZWH is no historian. But when non-Malay write history insulting the great Malaccan Sultanate  empire and the Johor -Pahang Bendaharas whom this non-Malay writer claim have no relation with the Malaccan Sultanate and the Orang Asli or technically called "Negrito" as the one and true Bumiputras of Malaysia. Then WZWH found that this writing is provocative! He claims that Malacca was never the largest port in South East Asia.
Please, read this well written history "The Demise of Malacca" by John Doe in OPINION column in FMT. WZWH would like for those who is well verse in history please stand up and rebuff John Doe opinion and please post comments to WZWH blog.
Here the John Doe's arguments as he rest his case...
"The port of Malacca was in a horrible state of affairs. Every night, the river of Malacca had to be chained with logs, to keep the marauding Pirates from attacking this small port. Sailors had to sleep in their ships, to safeguard their cargo, and to p…

1,567 Anak Peneroka Felda Miliki PhD

Tun Razak tubuh Felda untuk kebaikan orang Melayu terutama bagi generasi muda Melayu. Tun Razak nampak visi ini bila peluang pelajaran yang dinikmati oleh anak-anak peneroka Felda dan generasi-generasi seterusnya akan megubah diri sendiri, keluarga, masyarakat dan negara.
Ini faktanya dari 76,415 anak peneroka Felda yang mendapatkan pendidikan di IPTA dan IPTS: 1,567 peringkat PhD27,160 peringkat ijazah pertama dan sarjana47,688 peringkat diploma Seramai 1,567 anak peneroka Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan (Felda) mendapat pendidikan di peringkat doktor falsafah atau PhD, kata Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Ahmad Maslan.
Beliau berkata mereka adalah sebahagian daripada 76,415 anak peneroka Felda yang berjaya melanjutkan pengajian ke institusi pengajian tinggi.
Daripada jumlah itu, seramai 27,160 memiliki ijazah pertama dan sarjana manakala bakinya iaitu 47,688 mendapat pendidikan di peringkat diploma.
Ahmad berkata mereka yang mendapat keputusan akademik kurang cemerlan…

"The Politics of Populist Outrage Versus the Politics of Building"

DS Najib worth mentioning that the politics of development (infrastructures) is not relevant now, people want the present ruling government to change. DS Najib even proposed a new approach of political model. The Facebook of more than 200,000 young people against the proposed development of "Menara Warisan" 100 storeys reflects this kind of politics.
Here WZWH would like to show the same situation where the politics of populist outrage versus the politics of building. Professor Jonathan Simon at the Berkeley Blog:
The narrative choices faced by the Obama Administration in confronting the Great Recession were nicely outlined yesterday in the editorial pages of the New York Times. Columnist Frank Rich offered a blistering critique of the Administration for ceding populist outrage to the right by failing to go after Wall Street executives responsible for the financial crash with investigations and stiff punishments, going so far as to say that “the Obama administration seems not …

Asean Go For Nuclear Energy

Russia eyes more nuclear power projects in Asia.
Asian nations are keen on striking nuclear power deals with Russia, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday, as world powers race to secure projects in the energy-hungry region.
"Our partners expressed particular interest in nuclear energy, noting Russia's vast experience in this sphere," Lavrov said in Hanoi, where President Dmitry Medvedev attended a regional summit. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during the ASEAN summit in Hanoi on October 30, 2010. 
During Medvedev's visit to Vietnam, Russia will also sign a multi-billion-euro deal on Sunday to build Vietnam's first nuclear power plant.
An official with Russian state nuclear conglomerate Rosatom told AFP the construction of the two-unit plant is estimated at over 4.0 billion euros (5.5 billion dollars).
Russia is locked in a global race with competitors like the United States, Japan and France to clinc…

Gugurnya Novelis Cikgu Ibrahim Omar

WZWH berasa sedih kerana gugurnya sebutir bintang kesusasteraan Melayu, al-Fatihah. Pada Jumaat 29 Oktober 2010 novelis "Desa Pinggitan", Ibrahim Omar, 74 meninggal dunia di Kampung Mela, Lipis Pahang.
Beliau dikenali sebagai Cikgu Ibrahim kerana pernah bertugas sebagai guru di Pahang dan Perak. Pada tahun 1966, Ibrahim pernah menjadi Guru Besar di Sekolah Arab Al-Ehya Assyarif, Gunung Semanggol, Perak.
Nama Ibrahim juga tidak asing bagi para pelajar pada tahun 1960-an kerana novel Desa Pingitan, karyanya pernah menjadi teks Kesusasteraan Melayu untuk peperiksaan SPM 1966-1968.
Buku biografi "Wajah" terbitan DBP keluaran tahun 1988 merumuskan bahawa novel "Desa Pingitan" mengemukakan kisah masyarakat Melayu di kampung dan bandar dengan perbezaan hidup serta sikap terhadap pembangunan.
Novel itu terus segar dibaca sehingga kini kerana Ibrahim lebih awal telah menerapkan elemen 1Malaysia di dalam "Desa Pingitan".
Beliau meninggalkan banyak antologi cer…

Construction Of Jerantut Nuclear City

This posting is just a wild imagination of WZWH envisioning the Propose Construction Of Jerantut Nuclear City. It may happens in probably 100 years timeline. This is WZWH fantasy...
Plans are advancing for the construction of the first industrial park in Malaysia to help with the rapid development of the country's nuclear power industry, with detailed engineering and construction preparation work at the site in Tembeling, Jerantut District, expected to start soon. 
The inland city of Jerantut, on the Tembeling Valley, has been selected to house the 'Nuclear City'. It is some 150 kilometres (100 miles) southwest of Kuantan and close to the cities of Kuala Lipis, Temerloh and Jengka. It also lies midway along Pahang’s inland, where several nuclear power plants have been constructed or are planned.
In Jerantut District itself, there are currently five nuclear power reactors in operation and two under construction at Kuala Tembeling. There are also two reactors under construction…

Politik Urusniaga Tenaga Nuklear Dunia

Dalam posting yang lepas WZWH sudah melabelkan zaman sekarang ialah zaman tenaga nuklear "renaissance" Asia. Naga-naga ekonomi Asia seperti Jepun, China, Korea Selatan, India dan banyak lagi sedang dalam perlumbaan pembinaan loji tenaga nuklear.
Masing-masing berminat kepada tenaga nuklear, ketika Amerika Utara dan Eropah sudah lesu. Ini kerana tuntutan keperluan ekonomi. Tenaga nuklear menggerakan industri lanjutan tinggi dengan lebih pantas lagi. Tidak hairan  negara Amerika Selatan pun berminat.
Yang begitu menonjol sekali ialah China diikuti Korea Selatan dan Jepun. China mahu menjadi "superpower" dunia dan mahu mengalahkan Amerika Syarikat. Sememangnya Amerika Syarikat membuat kesilapan dasar tenaga nuklear sejak 30 tahun lepas kerana mengabaikannya walaupun perlumbaan senjata nuklearnya tetap rancak.
Negara Islam Asia sudah bergerak sekarang. Iran, Pakistan, Turki (separuh Asia separuh Eropah) telah memulakan program tenaga nuklearnya. Mereka masih menunggu Mala…

Chernobyl - Myths and Reality

The 1986 nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in Soviet Ukraine - the only nuclear power accident ever to harm the public - spawned widespread fears about the safety of nuclear power. But the Chernobyl reactor had an acutely flawed design - one which would never have been allowed to be built outside the Soviet Union. It also had weak safety features that failed to guard against human error.
In contrast, the U.S. Three Mile Island accident, which harmed no one, was confined by the extensive protective systems that are now the worldwide industry standard. Reactors with Chernobyl's severe shortcomings have been eliminated or improved - and will never be built again.
Using the world's top experts, the UN has conducted exhaustive studies of the health effects of Chernobyl - beyond the original death toll of 31. Of around 4,000 thyroid cancer cases attributed to the accident, nearly all were successfully treated. Beyond this - after 20 years - there is no scientific evidence of any increase …

Environment Agency-Managing Nuclear Waste UK Example

WZWH had studied in Scotland, UK for almost four years. The UK Environment Agency in managing nuclear waste is example that WZWH would like the government of Malaysia will adopt once nuclear power plants are in operation.
Managing nuclear wasteOur role in managing nuclear waste How different types of waste are managed We categorise Radioactive waste in the UK according to its radioactivity. High level wasteHigh level waste (HLW) is turned into a glass-like material (vitrification) and stored at the Sellafield site. We regulate higher activity wastes on nuclear licensed sites jointly with the Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (part of the Health and Safety Executive). The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) covers environmental issues for sites in Scotland. Intermediate level waste At present, we are concentrating on the regulation of intermediate level waste (ILW). This offers p

Radioactive Waste Management

Nuclear power is the only large-scale energy-producing technology which takes full responsibility for all its wastes and fully costs this into the product.The amount of radioactive wastes is very small relative to wastes produced by fossil fuel electricity generation.Used nuclear fuel may be treated as a resource or simply as a waste.Safe methods for the final disposal of high-level radioactive waste are technically proven; the international consensus is that this should be deep geological disposal. All parts of the nuclear fuel cycle produce some radioactive waste (radwaste) and the cost of managing and disposing of this is part of the electricity cost, i.e. it is internalised and paid for by the electricity consumers.
At each stage of the fuel cycle there are proven technologies to dispose of the radioactive wastes safely. For low- and intermediate-level wastes these are mostly being implemented. For high-level wastes some countries await the accumulation of enough of it to warrant bu…