The Forgotten Musketeer MP Raub

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MP Raub Dato' Mohamad Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz, commonly known by his blogger name of Sakmongkol AK47, is a Malaysian politician and prominent blogger. 

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WZWH fully extract from  Blogger Mamasita Mamamia his ex-wife regarding his health now after getting stroke.

The Forgotten Musketeer

Naturally, he is not ready to grant visitors.

There are still so many 'cannots' tagging his current health.

The stroke have interrupted his arduous political journey.

A miracle if he can be up and about before PRU14.

Not that he is indispensable, an elected MP deserves the best medical attention available.

One who is full of pride and dignity, MPs from both sides of the divide should instead voluntarily rally around on how to assist him with a speedier, successful recovery.

Pull resources and pay for highly recommended private specialists?

I have not been able to get an appointment to see MB Pahang.

For I recall, when the previous Adun Triang (DAP) had prostate cancer many years ago, he was reported to have received a kind sponsorship from Pahang, to undergo special treatment in a reputable Singapore hospital.

Could that have been a baseless rumour?

I did try to get an appointment to see PM Najib too.

The Raub scars from PRU13 cannot be easily forgiven.

His close bodyguard who was once a good friend, and used to check on such a favour long ago, is now full of animosity.

Unlike 'ketam Cina', 'ketam Melayu' are notoriously vengeful.

Despite being on opposing sides, can't all the MPs unite in helping a fellow MP?

In the spirit of an 'all for one and one for all' Dewan Rakyat, why not display a tiny solidarity?

MP Raub is presently leaning on his entitlement to government hospitals.

Overloaded and understaffed, the predicament of government hospitals are fully understandable.

How's baba? I asked.

The children's unflinching positive tone.."he's okay..better".


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