The New York Times: DS Najib Is Untouchable And Unstoppable!

Even more interesting is Muhyiddin’s statement that he was aware of the conspiracy to oust Najib and even knows all the people behind that conspiracy. Hence the conspiracy involving the six Tan Sri that Malaysia Today revealed more than a year ago has been confirmed by Muhyiddin himself.

Anyway, Najib may have taken his time but he eventually, albeit slowly, purged the government and Umno and got rid of all those who carried daggers behind their backs. And it is long overdue because in the US the day the new President takes over he replaces all the key positions with his own people. Watch what is going to happen soon when either Trump or Clinton takes over as the new US President.

With the latest developments today, Najib is even stronger than before and The New York Times seems to think so as well in its article two days ago.

But then what about the US announcement of 20th July 2016? Well, what about it? What has that got to do with Najib? In fact, what has that even got to do with 1MDB? Do you think the US is about to invade Malaysia and will send the Marines to Putrajaya and take Najib back to the US by force?

Maybe you are thinking of the Panamanian leader, Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno, who the US kidnapped and brought back to the US when they invaded Panama in 1989. Well, remember that this is the same US that smuggled Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos out of the Philippines to the safety of Hawaii so that the government could not arrest him — whereas Marcos and Noriega are like two peas in a pod.

So, if you think the US is going to take the side of the ANC to oust Najib and replace him with Mahathir’s proxy Prime Minister and Mukhriz as the new deputy then you are even more stupid than you look. The US will only do ONE thing, and that one thing is whatever serves the interest of the US in the ASEAN region against the backdrop of an emerging China.

The US Attorney General had better pray that Clinton wins the Presidency. If Trump wins instead then the Attorney General is going to be on benefits, as we say here in the UK. After all, she is not really Mother Teresa. And she has proven that whatever she does is whatever her political masters want her to do (which has been the culture since the days of Robert Kennedy more than 50 years ago).

Malaysians should stop hallucinating. It is not the US or the ANC that decides whether Najib stays or goes. It is Umno. And, of course, it will be the voters at the ballot box in 2018 that will decide if Barisan Nasional stays the government. And if the voters say yes then Najib gets to remain the Prime Minister because Umno is not about to kick him out.

So tell me, which part of Umno decides whether Najib remains the Prime Minister do you not understand?


Anonymous said…
Apa lagi Najib mahu? Pru kalau buat tahun depan pun Najib akan menang sebab Pakatan tanpa Pas memang takda kesan apa2. Ketuanan Melayu dah pun dapat diselamatkan. Apa lagi Melayu mahu? 1mdb cuma sampingan je. Masa ni masa yang sesuai bebaskan Anwar agar bersatu dengan Mahathir.

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