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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pemikiran Dogmatik Melayu Liberal Dan The Last Defender Of Malay People

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (fourth left) attending the DAP National Conference, December 4, 2016. — Picture by Saw Siow Feng

WZWH ingin bicara pemikiran dogmatik Melayu Liberal yang digalakkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat @ Pakatan Harapan. Pemikiran Melayu Liberal adalah salah satu strategi Pakatan Harapan untuk menarik sokongan Melayu. 

Pakatan Harapan perlu tonjolkan Melayu Liberal sebagai alat mendapat kuasa bagi memenuhi impian Pakatan Harapan-"minoriti memerintah majoriti".

Pakatan Harapan menganut fahaman pemikiran kiri yang simpati kepada perjuangan Komunis Chin Peng-sama rata yang mahukan "Ketuanan Rakyat" mengantikan "Ketuanan Melayu".

Walaupun perjuangan ini yang dimulakan pada tahun 1948 untuk mengantikan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 1948 yang mengangkat kedudukan Raja-raja Melayu tidak diterima majoriti Melayu, Komunis menggunakan keganasan dari tahun 1948 hingga 1960 dan masih bergerak dari tahun 1970an, 80an, hingga perjanjian damai dengan Kerajaan Malaysia di Hadyai pada yahun 1989.

Ini tidak bermakna perjuangan "Ketuanan Rakyat" haluan kiri ini sudah mati. Ideologi ini ada dalam Pakatan Harapan. 

Strategi Melayu Liberal adalah cara kaedah untuk Pakatan Harapan menguasai psyche Melayu untuk membolehkan "Agenda minoriti menguasai majoriti" menjadi kenyataan. 

Buktinya bangsa Yahudi telah berjaya menguasai US walaupun Yahudi minoriti. 

Walaupun Melayu majoriti di Malaysia tetapi perpecahan Melayu kepada beberapa kumpulan melemahkan Melayu untuk berhadapan dengan manipulasi dan kelicikan "Ketuanan Rakyat" dengan satu suara.

Apakah pemikiran Melayu Liberal? There are no two ways about it. The Malay Question in Malaysian politics- his beliefs, his economics, his politics has the quality of permanency. This is an indisputable and unchallengeable fact. 

Political parties embrace it, define it and translate it into their own politics. The fact remains- while the Malay Question as a political backdrop has the quality of permanency, political parties operating against this background, do not. They may fade away and be gone, but this backdrop endures. It does not perish alongside the parties that do, despite any claiming so.

One interesting point raised by Haji Hadi Awang, President of PAS. Everyone in Malaysia accepts that Malays are central in any political permutations. For UMNO to come power- it must galvanize Malay allegiance. Since 1946, it has monopolized Malay allegiance on the principles of Religion, Malay Nationalism and Nation state( agama, bangsa dan Negara). Simple for Malays to grasp and simple to get loyal to it.

For PAS it is the same. Its principle is religion of Islam for all. it seeks monopoly over the Malay's reason for existence- his religion and religiosity.

For non Malay parties, if they come to power they too must come to terms with a dominant Malay population. So whatever they do, Malay sensitivities will factor heavily. The DAP is the majority party in Perak, yet the MB is a Malay from a minority partner, if it captures power in that state. DAP accepts the primacy of the Malay factor in the reality of Malaysian politics. Whether they do willingly or not is another question.

This means that whoever comes into power, they must factor in the Malays. If PAS comes to power, it must address Malay issues. UMNO, of course. Non Malay parties? Upheavals will take place if they don't factor in Malay sensitivities.

The centrality of the Malay question is a given as it were- it will remain the background, unchanging at that, to which ALL political parties relate and adjust to. It also means, that centrality of Malay factor is not the preserve of any one political party.

UMNO must come to terms with this reality. If it loses power, the centrality of Malay or Bumiputera factor will still be there. That centrality will always be there even if UMNO loses power which in turn means that the permanency of Malay Question does not depend whether UMNO is around or not. Even if UMNO isn't around, those in power will have to contend with it.

All the political parties defined and determine how to place the Malay question- religion, ethnicity and nation state within their own political philosophies.

Those who replace UMNO will still have to contend and accommodate the reality, that Malays and Bumiputera will factor in their politics. The PR government in Selangor can't sustain power if they ignore the centrality of Malay issues. If they do, they will go under. Yet the way they handle the centrality of Malay politics does not necessarily have to match the way UMNO does it. Maybe they do by offering better governance, transparency, better leadership instead of appealing to primal fears. Maybe.

Similarly PAS which governs the states they do, factor in the centrality of Malay politics according to its ways. Basically they choose common allegiance to religion as the way to factor in Malay politics.

The object lesson then is, whosoever comes to power will have to factor in the centrality of Malay issues in Malaysian politics.

So, UMNO, PAS, PKR and DAP or other non Malay political parties cannot run away from owning up to the reality, that Malay issues and the Malay factor will always remain crucial for their political survival. That is the common background which regard as a political permanency existing independent of anyone political party's claim over its ownership. UMNO, PAS, PKR can fade away, the centrality of the Malay in our politics remain.

No one political party can claim exclusivity as far as claiming Malay allegiance is concern. UMNO for example, can no longer claim undisputed kingpin position of Malay allegiance. 

In the 2008 elections, more Malays did not vote for UMNO than those who voted for. It's a level playing field in the sense, that everyone political party, recognizing the Malay factor, will take care of Malay sensitivities. They differ only in their approach and preferences. Each one no longer enjoys an automatic acceptance by the Malay population.

What Haji Hadi is saying and UMNO better realize this, that Malay support needed to be earned. Discard it, you will fade away. You qualify yourself to earn acceptance. You qualify yourself by giving good leadership, by earning trust and confidence you can run this country well. The Malays are no longer going to accept your leadership without you having to qualify the offer to lead with good leadership.

At the end of the day, the fortunes of anyone political party will depend on how they choose to define, manage and handle the centrality of the Malay question-his beliefs, his politics, his economics.


Di dalam budaya politik Melayu, ada satu spesis Melayu yang genetiknya telah memerintah Empayar Melayu lama sejak zaman Sriwijaya, Majapahit, Melaka dan Kesultanan Melayu moden. Spesis ini akan memasti survival politik Melayu. Spesis ini adalah the last defender of Malay people. Wahai Melayu Liberal ketahuilah oleh kamu apa yang kamu tidak ketahui...Kebangkitan spesis ini dengan networknya akan melindungi bangsa Melayu. Tunggulah PRU 14 nanti!

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