DS Najib Enters American Politics

DS Najib's  politics and charismatic personality will earn him 'The President Of United States' had him be the US citizen and campaign for the next US President due to his popularity help by the  mass and social medias  in America, Europe and the rest of the world.

Even Tun Mahathir during his premiership days received rare publicity in United States.

DS Najib is very much like by the American mass media especially The Wall Street Journal and The New York New Times.

Since taking office in 2009, DS Najib has drawn his country closer to the United States and has used his annual United Nations trips to promote Malaysia as a moderate Muslim partner in the fight against terrorism and as a strategic Asian counterforce to China.

DS Najib is in London this week for a trade convention and then on to New York for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly.

DS Najib really, really values his international image, and he was going out of his way to curry favor with America and with the Europeans.

With the current allegations of corruption inquiry against DS Najib by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, here what DS Najib responded...

Mr. Najib has held fast, denying the corruption allegations and saying the $681 million payment, reported in July by The Wall Street Journal, was not improper. His office told The Times this year that he was not involved in the American properties connected to his stepson ( Mr. Riza Aziz) and to Mr. Low.

The Facts are that...

DS Najib’s office did not comment on the Justice Department inquiry. 

A representative for Mr. Riza Aziz said he was not involved in any investigation, adding that “there has never been anything inappropriate” about his business activities. 

A spokesman for Mr. Low said that he had not been notified that he was the subject of any investigations, and that his business “adheres to all relevant regulatory requirements.” 

A spokesman for the Justice Department declined to comment.

The FBI spokesman also said nothing.

The PDRM high officer said the FBI has so far never contact PDRM too.

So what is this game played by the foreign newspapers and portals?

PM Najib is in New York. Where is FBI and CIA ?. PM Najib sudah tiba di New York. Mana FBI dan CIA ?

Suddenly the Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund - the brand and product name 1MDB become so famous in the world!

WZWH can guarantee under DS Najib's Najibnomics there are many bigger 1MDB will more to come!


Anonymous said…
Tak memancing ke hari ni?
Anonymous said…
Dapat dah kenerak pagi td..omboh..sedak amat weh msok asamrom..kerayan pepalih-Jenal tg jambu
Anonymous said…
WSJ, FBI all jealous one becos najid famous world. They fitnah najid hard hard so peple can hate najid so mesia cannot famous. This all yahudi job one to destroi najid and mesia. Oni peeple cleber like you can see the true ting and hep najid. You must kontinew support najid to show world najid is not rong.

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