Raub To Become A University Town and Gold Park With Historical Museum

Awaiting approval: An artist impression of the proposed gold park and historical museum in Raub.

Awaiting approval: An artist impression of the proposed gold park and historical museum in Raub.

Raub Former mining town is now taking a different course for academic and agricultural excellence.

Despite being one of the oldest townships in the country, Raub has not lost its vigour and charm.

The former mining town is still abuzz with activities while development is taking shape at its own pace.

Besides the mushrooming of new housing schemes, shoplots were also expanding steadily.

Over the next three years, a branch campus of Universiti Teknologi Mara costing RM230 million is expected to be completed.

In addition, a RM148 million Institut Kemahiran Mara will be built on a 10ha site to provide skills training to some 2,000 youths and school leavers.

To reduce traffic congestion, a new highway from Simpang Pelangai to Merapoh has been planned so that Kelantanese travelling back home need not drive into Raub town.

Already the construction of the  road from Relong to Merapoh in phase 2 is just started. The road from Kg Bukit Kota-Aur Gading-Chegar Perah is 27.7 km long which costs of RM130 million.

Other projects earmarked to benefit Raub residents include upgrading of water piping system and basic infrastructures in housing settlements and new villages such as futsal courts, mosques, parks, taxi stand, bus station and a new landfill.

There are also plans to promote Raub as an agricultural town and agro-tourism destination with many homestay-style establishments sprouting especially in Kampung Sungai Pasu and Sang Lee.

On the first week of every Sunday, there is the Sunday Bike Ride campaign in which residents are encourage to cycle around town to promote a healthy lifestyle and cleaner environment.

Products such as durians, groundnuts and bean curd are being commercialised to attract more visitors during weekends, school and public holidays.

Raub residents can also take pride in having a scenic Taman Tasik Raub for them to partake in exercise and other recreational activities such as picnicking, boating and fishing.

On the part of the private sector, a proposal to construct a RM300 million gold park and historical museum is on the cards, awaiting approval from the state government.

If given the green light, the project – similar to the concept in Brisbane, Australia – is expected to further boost tourist arrival.

Back in the 1700s, Raub was a historic gold mining thriving township. The town obtained its name from the word “meraub” meaning prospecting gold near river embankments using hands and other simple devices such as a dulang (tray).

Raub became famous in the early 20th century and gold mining which one of the biggest in the world was operated by the Raub Australian Gold Mine (RAGM) led by William Bibby from 1896 until 1961.

Back then, the shaft mining method was employed at the Raub Hole, now known as Bukit Koman.

The area was once dubbed as “Malaysian gold capital” or "El-Dorado"  due to the rapid development of gold mining.

In 1999, Raub Australian Gold Mining (M) Sdn Bhd resumed gold mining activities on a smaller scale near Bukit Koman before moving to a higher scale operation about three years ago.

At the height of the Communist insurgency, new settlements were erected namely Cheroh, Sang Lee, Sungai Ruan, Sungai Chetang, Bukit Koman, Sempalit, Sungai Lui, Tras and Sungai Klau.

Colonial-style buildings are still evident especially along Mason Road (now known as Jalan Tengku Abdullah) such as the old Raub police station, built in 1905.

After the gold deposit was depleted, Raub turned to agriculture comprising natural rubber, oil palm, cocoa and local fruits as its main economic activity.

The Raub Agroparks which specialise supplying biotech agro input in cosmetics products will bring many revenues to Raub economy.


Anonymous said…
Kas tunggu tahun 2019, selepas yb tahan jadi exco tanah galian sumber asli, kemudhan insfrastruktur sains dan asas tani hijau. Itupun jika Phg tak terlepas ke fuckatan.
Anonymous said…
It would be a wastage of time to further develop Raub. Might as well shift the development projects to Jerantut.

Don't everyone knows that the people of Raub do not need BN Administration anymore. They can make do without Government too. They have voted out no, in need for any kind of assistance by it from the State or Federal institutions.

They are already selves-supported community and economically sound people. They control 95% of the district economy. They own practically the whole of Raub's town. They have their own schools with amended education system. They have reached at the ranking and status of middle class and left very far behind the developing status. In Raub, they have them all.

Above all, they have their newly beloved and the chosen one, Dato'. Ariff Sabri who they believe can bring about further protection and reinforcing to their economic sustainable reference in Raub.  The fact is, they do not need the Government but an assumed fixer Sakmongkol is their biddings.

So why worry to build Mara educational institutions and the rest of the economic infrastructure in Raub. Just stop it!  shift the development program to another deserved locations in Pahang, like Jerantut.
Anonymous said…
July 20, 2013 at 5:29

WHY stop development in Raub ?!! The residents in Raub are Rakyat kita, BODOH, it is the rakyat's tax contribution used in any development, not Umnooooo !!!! Dalam bulan Ramadhan pun berperangai macam Firaun, buat malu agama aje !!!
Anonymous said…
Ramai Melayu kita dah sgt benci dgn pemimpin - pemimpin hipokrit UMNO, tapi artikel ini nampak agak memuaskan dari segi vision, environmentally and socially feasible tapi perlaksanaan, integriti serta ketulusan ??

Jadi kami akan senantiasa mengikut updates Dato' Ariff Sabri mengenai keiklasan perancang2 serta perlaksanaan projek2 yg telah disenaraikan melalui consistent checks and balances adakah ianya benar- benar melibatkan serta mendatangkan manfaat maximum kepada semua penduduk Raub termasuklah Jerantut.

Kami dah tentu akan tetap menyokong beliau serta keikhlasannya sebagai Yang Berkhidmat MP Raub untuk kepentingan penduduk2 Raub !
Anonymous said…
What a RM300 million gold park ?! The project will meet its anticipated failures and bailouts using the Rakyat's tax contributions. It is obvious the project is attempted to legalise the continuity of mining gold in Raub and smokescreen the
residents, their elected
MP, Dato Ariff Sabri and the nation as a whole.

The planners and the stakeholders have decisively turned deaf ears to the outcries and utterly disregard the paperworks of experts and the demonstrations against the project in regards to catastrophic health issues and environmental issues. Pekak ?

What about the security issues in safeguarding the building and the display of gold exhibits semacam Firauns displaying lavish tombs to attest their opulent lifestyle
in Pahang ?!! Have Dato Ariff and the residents of Raub been consulted at the round table ? Has it be tabled for debates as it involves public interests ?

Who are the Malaysian investors, foreigners, what percentage, where
and how did they obtain loans, or are they investing using their own finances, how is the job creating directing impacting the Raub residents ? Cronies !!

Which sensible foreign visitors, say from developed countries, many are savvy travellers, others on backpacks, will fly across the ocean(s) to visit Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, will include visiting the white gold elephant ( your proposed gold musuem in Raub )
in their itineraries ? Why should they ? What fascinate them, isn't it about the kaleidoscope of our multiracial cultures,our friendly and peaceful multienthic Rakyat,
unique fascinating places of interests and our vast array of sumptuous cuisines ?

UMNO leaders are disinterested to work hard, what more extremely hard for the people.
More power, more beratus - ratus juta RM masuk, more rahsia ini itu.

Aku malu bila baru- baru ini, seorang daripada kawan- kawan baik dari luar negara tanya adakah
minuman serta makanan yang dijaja di Masjid Jamek itu hygienic, aku told one off, Malaysia is not a
third country, look at me, I have lived and worked in their developed nation for many years, when I say it is fine, it arries weight, ask the hawkers himself, deep within, some of these traders
are bukan orang kita atau rakyat Malaysia, what do I say honestly ?!!

PAKATAN pun maju ke depan untuk kepentingan Rakyat !!
Anonymous said…
ya la tu.pr pukimak!!!agenda merampas kuasa melayu melalui melayu murtad dan melayu munafik.engkau pun sama.
mamat ali said…
Harapnya. Wakil rakyat dan pemimpin dinegeri Pahang jgnlah cucuk mata mcm P Ramlee dlm ibu mertuaku. Malang jika ada mata tp tak nampak. Tengok dan perhatikan betul2 dikawasan mana prlu dibangunkan. Kawasan mana kubu kuat kerajaan. Kawasan mana lubuk org melayu. Bangun dan majukan kawasan tersebut biar supaya ekonomi bangsa melayu
naik. Kawasan yg ditadbir oleh pakatan biar dann tinggalkan supaya mereka terus mundur dan rasakan apa yg mereka mahu dlm pru 13 tempohari.
usin gampang said…
dah rasa hebat sangat bangunkan sendiri negeri di bawah pemerintah pr.kenapa nak harapkan kerajaan pusat.tumpukan pembangunan ke kawasan yang di kuasai bn.sbb majoriti penyokongnya melayu islam.bangunkan bangsa melayu.negeri yang pr kuasai majoriti cina yang tak tahu bersyukur.buat apa bantu.buatlah sendiri.negeri kelantan terkecuali kerana majoritinya melayu.jangan aniaya melayu.
Anonymous said…
July 21, 2013 at 3:27 PM

hiprokrit tak puasa, tak sembahyang setiap waktu, maki hamun semacam tak mempunyai ibu bapa !!!!!!! org PAS tak macam itu, sial !!!!!
Anonymous said…
July 21, 2013 at 3:27 PM

mamak yg merampas kuasa melayu, import banglas,import ramai lagi kutty, import sulu hehhhehehe melayu macam awak tertipu sebab dayus, firaun heheheh, bayar zakat sikit, belakang, depan ambil duit senang beribu- ribu, maki- hamun hehhee tanya ustaz PAS !!!!! Dungu jgn nak tipu !!!

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