Sungai Sempam Hydropower Plant Of Today...

Sempam Mini Hydro 

Sempam Mini hydropower plant is located about 7km from the village of Tras not far from Raub. Build by William Bibby of the Raub Australian Gold Mining Company Limited,construction works started in 1897 and it was commissioned on July 1900. It is the first hydropower plant and also the first power plant in Malaya and it is a real wonder to have a plant build 113 years ago still intact and running smoothly.

From its initial 300bhp or about 220kw it had been upgraded to its present 1MW(1,000KW) of electricity and it is connected to the national grid via transmission lines.

Pictures courtesy of Turbineman's log.

The outflow into Sempam River.

A bumpy welcome.

Sempam Mini Hydro plant.

An early photo of Sempam.

The entrance.

The old swiss turbine build in 1928.

A video of unit no:1 running so smoothly.

It run so silent that the cat slept beside it.

The first unit.

The unit no:2.

The unit 2 generator badge.

No entry sign

Very old pressure gauge.

The old crane is still strong.

Grounding point.

Transmission tower at the plant.


Haji Hamdi said…
As Salam Wan , saya tertarik dengan kisah2 power station sekitar Pahang , kalau boleh saya nak info yg lebih lanjut mengenai Power station khusus nya yg lama2 , saya ada keupayaan untuk memperbaharui equipment2 material handling khusus Nye crane yg lama2 .

Amat saya hargai kalau boleh dapat info2 yg berlkenaan , boleh hubngi saya

Haji Hamdi

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