Dinosaur Pahang

Fossil remains of a fish-eating dinosaur have been discovered in Malaysia by a research team from two universities, and the scientists believe they are the first dinosaur fossils found in the country.

The remains of the Spinosauridae dinosaur, believed to be between 65 million and 145.5 million years of age, were discovered in the interior of Pahang.

The fossils were identified by a team led by Associate Professor Masatoshi Sone from the geology department of Universiti Malaya (UM), in collaboration with reptile palaeontology specialist Ren Hirayama from Tokyo's Waseda University, The Star newspaper reported yesterday.

"We have successfully confirmed the presence of dinosaur remains, a fossilised tooth, in Pahang," Prof Sone was quoted as saying at a press briefing in UM.


We don't know how it looked like exactly. We know it walked on two legs typically, maybe like the T-Rex, and some were known to have large, nail-like claws.

- Prof Masatoshi Sone, on the Spinosauridae-


Anonymous said…
Dah dpt agak ke lokasi rahsia penemuan fosil ni? Ada terbaca kat tengah-tengah Pahang, mesti kalau tak kat Temerloh, ada kat Jerantut..
Anonymous said…
Harap lepasni jumpa rangka pulak..:D
Anonymous said…
Katanya taman negara
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Gugusan Semantan, sama ada dlm daerah Maran atau Temerloh.. Frust sbb bkn Jerantut.. dah rezeki T'loh, titik tengah pun dia.. semakin majulah diorang..

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