Pahang Sudah Ketandusan Pemimpin...A State Without Leaders!

Pahang di dalam bahaya. Masa depan Pahang kelam kerana krisis vacuum kepimpinan.

Pahang saiz sama dengan Belanda tetapi tidak mencapai taraf ekonomi, politik dan sosial seperti Belanda. Pahang mahu maju macam Belanda.

Tapi sayang bila Pahang sudah ketandusan pemimpin...a state without leaders.

Pahang vacuum kepimpinan. Pahang sudah tiada pemimpin.

Pemimpin tidak digroom.  Pemimpin demoted. Pemimpin tidak naik pangkat.

Akhir pemimpin sudah bosan. Pemimpin jadi diam belaka. Pemimpin senyap semuanya.

Pemimpin yang demoralised ini tidak boleh menjadikan Pahang seperti Belanda.

Pemimpin/leaders are people who are able to express themselves fully.

They know who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses are. 

How to fully deploy their strengths compensate for their weaknesses.

They also know what they want, why they want it, and how to communicate what they want to others  in order to gain their cooperation and support.

Finally, they know how to achieve their goals.

Itulah masalahnya bila pemimpin Pahang,

Tidak tahu apa mereka mahu.

Kenapa mereka mahu?

Tidak tahu komunikasi.

Macam mana mahu dapat kerjasama dan sokongan?

Tidak tahu mencapai matlamat.

Leaders have a significant role in creating the state of mind that is the society.

They can serve as symbols of the moral unity of the society.

They can express the values that hold the society together.

Most important, they can conceive articulate goals that lift people out of their petty preoccupations, carry them above the conflicts that tear a society apart

and unite them in pursuant of objectives worthy of their best efforts.


Anonymous said…
vote wzwh for MB Pahang!
Anonymous said…
Yo bro, my wife said she would allow me to have another spouse if this jack ass were voted into mb office. Even if he said bauxite is good for male libido, pl vote him.
Anonymous said…
Looks tough, talks tough, act tough...., but clueless.

Pahang is doomed..
Anonymous said…
seme org bodo yg memimpin. nak goner. nk jd belanda konon. jd uganda bolehlaaa

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