Tengku Temenggong Pahang Ikon Baru NGO Alam Sekitar Malaysia


1,000,000 pokok akan ditanam di Pahang dalam masa 10 tahun.
Sekarang yang sudah ditanam oleh Temenggong Initiative berjumlah 1420 pokok.

YAM Tengku Arif Temenggong Pahang memberi ucapan persembahan ketika Majlis Tuanku Sultan Pahang berbuka puasa di Felda Sungai Retang, DUN Tahan. Dibelakang ialah YB Dato' Wan Amizan Wan Razak ADUN Tahan yang menyokong penuh Temenggong Initiative dan Sultan Ahmad Shah Environmental Trust. The Sultan Ahmad Shah Environmental Trust berjaya mengumpul dana RM4 juta.

Tengku Temengggong Pahang ikon baru NGO alam sekitar Malaysia. 

WZWH ada posting sila klik sini tentang Temenggong Initiative NGO alam sekitar. Temenggong Initiative ialah THE OPERATING ARM OF THE SULTAN AHMAD SHAH ENVIRONMENTAL TRUST (SASET).

WZWH suka YAM Tengku Fahad ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah walau muda baru berumur 18 tahun putera bongsu Tuanku Sultan Pahang tapi punya bukan saja idea-idea dan falsafah hebat alam sekitar tapi juga mempraktikkannya melalui Temenggong Initiative-Temenggong Ranjers.

Bagaimana Tengku Temenggong berjaya menjadi ikon baru NGO alam sekitar Malaysia?

"This is not an ego booster. I am only a schoolboy at Eton but have been born into a life of privilege. My mother has taught me that I must use my position to help the less fortunate as I have been given everything I ever wanted. I love the rainforests of Pahang and SASET exists to make people more aware of the fragile ecological balance and how important it is to protect the environment."

Three years ago, 6 of his Eton schoolmates and friends visited Malaysia and Tengku Temenggong took them into Taman Negara (National Park). They were so enthralled at the natural splendour it struck the teenage prince it would be brilliant to establish a foundation to ensure it would stay that way.

He mooted his idea to his mother who agreed wholeheartedly. So did the Sultan of Pahang who personally gave RM 500,000 as seed money to jumpstart the foundation that would carry his name. 

Apa yang WZWH suka ialah ucapan Tengku Temenggong Pahang semasa melancarkan SASET di Hotel Mandarin Oriental pada 17 Julai 2012 seperti berikut.....


The launch of the Sultan Ahmad Shah Environmental Trust.
This is something I could never have imagined happening - at least not so quickly. 

As I look around the room today, I am overcome with gratitude.

I see my father who started all of this - my mother who has worked so hard as my co-Chairma, my brother the Crown Prince of Pahang and to all my family members who have given support, advice and time, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Then I see Prime Minister Yang Amat Berhormat Dato Sri Mohammed Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak and Datin Paduka Dato Sri Rosmah Datuk Mansor and of course so many Tengkus and Datos who have guided me as I grew up. 

And now, here today, we are united. Dear friends and supporters of this most cause. 

We are here for Pahang Darul Makmur. We are all here today for Malaysia.

For our culture. For our people. For our wildlife. For our environment.

Yes, indeed Prime Minister - For ONE Malaysia.

I want to tell you a story about a 15 year old boy.
On the banks of the river Tembeling there is a village. A kampung. The same as many others. The Orang Asli people there are honest people, hardworking people. Like many others, they live far from the resources and support
we all take for granted here in the city.

Last year, this boy woke up with acute stomach pains. His family and fellow villagers had no idea how to help.
The nearest nurse was in Kuala Tahan, 3 hours away by canoe. The nearest doctor even further.

The poor young man was in agony, and his family started the long journey to get help. It is only 3 years ago when I was 15. I can imagine the pain and anxiety he and his family suffered.

In every isolated kampung, you will hear a similar story.
Our beloved Prime Minister heard these stories.
And he listened.
And he acted.
Today we have the One Clinic Project all over the country. 

Working hand in hand with our Menteri Besar, villages like these are now given the  support and facilities that all Malaysians have a right to. 

I can only hope that our humble efforts in Sultan Ahmad Shah Environmental Trust can achieve similar results. 

One thing my teachers taught me while studying history at Eton College was this.
All it takes for evil to win, is for good men to do nothing.
And today, I look out at a room full of good men, and of course good women. A room full of good men and good women doing some thing!

Together we are making a difference and I am grateful to you all.

The Sultan Ahmad Shah Environmental Trust was started by my father with an initial seed funding of RM 500,000 from his own pocket. We are committed to make the most of this initiative. 

So we began.

Today we have the Greening of 'Pahang Initiative' which will plant 1 million trees in 10 years. 

We have the 'Adopt A Kampung Initiative' which will fund  community development in all mukims of Pahang. 

We have the 'Nurture Through Nature Initiative' which will educate next generation about ecology and sustainable behaviour.

We have the 'River Conservation Initiative' which will clean up the rivers and tributaries of Pahang. 

We have the 'Temenggong Ranger Initiative' which will empower local communities to tackle pollution, wildlife poaching and illegal logging. 

And of course we have the 'Turtle Sanctuary Initiative' on Tioman Island.

The money you are donating today, in the auction and by buying tickets to this event will allow us to do more. 

More for Pahang,
More for our people,
More for our country.
More for villagers like the sick young man I was told about.

I was asked once by a friend in London. He asked, What does 'Malaysia Boleh' mean?

Tonight we are answering that question.

Against pollution - Malaysia Boleh
Against poverty - Malaysia Boleh
Saving Wildlife - Malaysia Boleh

And as for the young man I was telling you about?
I heard that he is going to be okay.

They found enormous worms in his stomach. But a simple treatment cured him and he is back with his family in their kampung on the banks of the Tembeling river. 

To help boys like like him and villages like his and please continue to support the Sultan Ahmad Shah Environment Trust.


Anonymous said…
Elok benar pokok2 balak ditanam semula bagi mengembalikan landskap kehijauan ekoran kerakusan pihak2 tertentu membogelkan hutan balak di Pahang DM terutama di tebing sungai Endu/Rompin...Siapa pihak tertentu ini??? Sendiri dah tau...
Anonymous said…
Tasik Cini akan lenyap menjelang 2030!!!! Taukeh Balak punya angkara....
Orang2 UMNO dan geng tak usahlah jadi macam Robin Hood, buat baik hasil dari kerja jahat....
Anonymous said…
Saya sokong kerja Tengku ni. Yg saya menyampah ialah puak2 UMNO yg hipokrit. Mari kita menghijaukan bumi Pahang dgn menyokong PAS...
Anonymous said…
elok le di tanam pokok kerana yang menebangnya nanti tangan yang menanamnya gak............ semua orang dah tau

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