Najib Sudah Boleh Senyum Ekonomi Malaysia Pick Up Dan Memecut...

Xi Jinping Presiden China dan Najib PM Malaysia. President Xi calls Malaysia a trustworthy strategic partner.

Najib sudah boleh senyum ekonomi Malaysia pick up dan memecut...

Petanda-petanda ekonomi:

  • Malaysia's economy grew at a better-than-expected 5% on year in the third quarter fuelled by robust domestic demand and an improvement in exports-the central bank.
  • The services and construction sectors were the key drivers on the supply side while private and public consumption led the demand side.
  • The gradual recovery in the external sector will support growth.
  • Domestic demand from the private sector will remain supportive of economic activity amid the continued consolidation of the public sector.
  • Domestic demand in the third largest Southeast Asian economy grew 8.3% on year in the July-September period. 
  • Economy was expected to expand 4.5-5.0% this year.
  • Private-sector consumption expanded 8.2% supported by stable employment and sustained wage growth during the third quarter.
  • Public-sector consumption grew 7.8% on year and fell on quarter from 11.8% amid lower government spending on supplies and services.
  • Private investment, however, grew 15.2% on year backed by capital spending.
  • There was a pick-up in exports in commodities and electronic products to China and the rest of Asia.
  • Malaysia's economy has been growing at an average 6% rate since 2009 due to domestic driven growth due to improvement in exports and firm domestic demand-the positive trend will spill over to 2014.


usin cadoi said…
najib senyum sebab rakyat merana.pendapatan rakyat masih rendah tp kos kehidupan semakin meningkat dan meningkat serta amat mebebankan.yang kaya terus kaya yang miskin terus dipijak.
Anonymous said…
sokonglah pembakang lagi baru negara maju pendapatan rakyat pun tinggi

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