Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Falsity Of Capitalism, Hegel and Marx

Above is a diagram which tells everything about Capitalism.

(1) Business ) CAPITALISTS
(2) Free Market ) <-------PROFIT-----> Private Capitalist
(3) Competition )


(a) What mechanism that is creating a market?
(b) If market is created than is it any real FREE MARKET exists?

Simply put, my readers, in CAPITALISM, the capitalists decide on their whims and fancies largely based on total greed to create whatever market they want it to be. 20 years ago, there is no market for cellular phones , and wallah ! by the strike of the capitalists wane of magic , we have a cellular phones market ! Everybody is so elated, we can sms, we can mms and everything under the sun. The best part is .. we have to pay for it.

Next question is who are the real CAPITALIST in the cellular phones markets and services? TELEKOM BHD ? Wrong answer! The real and actual CAPITALISTS in Malaysia is ...... those who are keen in approving and making the 13 declarations recently.

Next question is, are that body of capitalists consist of ' DIVERSITY?' Strength; yes but where's the diversity? If diversity in the context of consisting a diverse dialects that belong to a mother tongue than it is true but if diversity in the context of multi-racial , well you know the correct answer to that.

Hegel and Marx

Diagrams and Links

Philosophy can be pretty dry if it is all words. So here are some diagrams that graphically portray the relationship between the Hegelian and Marxist view of reality. The thesis-antithesis-synthesis triad is the same in basic structure (upper pair of diagrams) except that for Marx the series has an end (in the Communist utopia) whereas for Hegel it doesnt. Also in his view of reality Hegel used dialectic to show how thought or ideas procedes in this manner, whereas Marx "turned Hegel on his head" to argue that the thesis-antithesis contradiction arises from material conditions (such as the means of production), not from ideas. This is illustrated by the two trees diagram.

Hegel's Dialectic
Hegel's Dialectic

Marx's Dialectic
Marx's Dialectic

"Two Trees" - comparison of Hegel and Marx's view of reality.
Comparison of Hegel and Marx's view of reality

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