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In Defence Of NEP Antithesis Of "Strength in Diversity"

WZWH's article of praising Nazir Razak new philosophy of "Strength in Diversity" amused the Malaysians has attracted anti-thesis by co-admin, Tenri Sanna of Cerita Kedai Kopi blog.

WZWH do not want to argue further with Tenri Sanna about Nazir Razak's new thinking but what Tenri Sanna describes the brief history of Tanah Melayu's economics system before and after the British came really give insight of why the Malays status and position is where it is today.

Therefore WZWH would like to reproduce the article put forward by Tenri Sanna...

I have to write in English for this issue as it will attract a wider spectrum of readers. A furore has been started by a young tycoon of CIMB, namely Nazir bin Tun Abdul Razak, the youngest brother of our Rt Honorable Prime Minister., a living product of a DEB success. Recently, he told everybody in Malaysia that DEB has been bastardised, one can make a lot interpretation of what he said to find his true motive in saying it aloud in front of a classy Chinese Congress who have a lot of monies can be tapped by CIMB later.

This article is in response to WZWH article in recent blog entry about the same man who now advocated the root of the problem for the Malaysian economics and that is the Utopian Notion of ' Diversity is Strength" well maybe Uncle Sam has taught it to him.

What are the actual problems in the Malaysian economy actually ? Have anybody give a serious thought about that ?

First of all , this is a man who has never been in actual poverty in his life. Yes, he may have struggle a lit bit here an there to achieve where he is now but he's one lucky man , that's all about it. A friend of mine once told me that he is an easy going man and he can even drink tea at at a mamak stall nearby. Ok, he is a good and one humble person, no doubt. But, I am not writing to condemn this man at all, my intention is to examine whether the ' Diversity is Strength' is actually happened in Malaysia or not? Especially in the Malaysian Economy sphere.

Who are the real tycoons in the ASEAN economy ? But before that ,

(1) Do anybody know how wealth is created in our economy system ? Then, we ask another related question and that is

(2) What & How wealth is distributed in our economy system? Then another related question question that is,

(3) Is there a limit to the acquisition & creation of wealth in our economy system? Then another related question and that is,

(4) Who control the creation, acquisition and distribution of wealth in our economy system? And that is my dear readers is the KILLER QUESTION.

Anybody dare to answer that ? I bet nobody cares at all. Those questions are elusive and are taboos in our economy system. I will tell later about it , all in a tale.

The Tale:-
It all started in the early 1800 when the Brits got hold of everything that moves and then they created wealth through substituting the existing economy model used by the Malay Sultanate with Capitalism.

A brief description of the good older days before Capitalism took over (represented by that pic). The Malay Sultanate used what is termed in modern economy as a total freedom of mixing barter trade and the use of monetary system for international trade. There is no actual fixed valued attached to any goods by any traders but according to actual trading took place between traders and suppliers. The general rakyats practice what we called today self-sufficient economy, they produce to eat and whatever leftover was to be used in bartering with other needs. So there was no traders, no suppliers ,no consumers, no productions, no factories and no supply and demand chains. Nothing. Wealth was calculated by factors as how much cows do you own ? How much lands do you have owned? everything was done in the semangat gotong royong and the wage of the day is only courtesy.

International trade was a luxury that was afforded to the realm of the aristocrats only. People who have ships that sailed throughout the Nusantara were the real merchants and traders of the day.

But the Brits destroyed it all together when they introduced their capitalism in Malaya through RESIDENCY SYSTEM. Bit by bit, they took the role of creating wealth from the hands of the Malay aristocracies . For example, any Brits Residents will impose taxes on all sorts of things. Before, there was no tax on rattan, forestry products etc. But now suddenly . there was a burden of taxes imposed by the Residents.
On what value shall the people pay the taxes ? Of course by the value of the Brits currency. How to get hold of the Brits currency ? That is how the wealth of the Malays is fell in the hands of the Brits.

In a century, capitalism is the economy system but that capitalism has no Malay wealth in it simply because it was created by the Brits to take away all the Malay wealth. The Malays are simply given the role of consumers and the role of workers for wages. They have money but have to spend money to sustain a life. Thus, the Malays are seen as a poverty society in that system which was what the Brits wanted it to be.

In that system, CAPITAL is the driven force to create, to acquire and to distribute wealth. Now, my readers, tell me what is the CAPITAL ?

One of the greatest thinker and genius of the Malaysian leader in economics is of course our beloved 2nd. Prime Minister, TUN ABDUL RAZAK, his legacy was DEB/NEP. He has thought of everything to re-structure the modern Malaysian society under an affirmative policy, the policy that is envied by the private capitalists who is created by the British to undermine the Malays as the NEP will encroach their turf and they might lose their control and power to create, to acquire and to distribute wealth.

In the past years during the affirmative policy is enforced, the private capitalist group still making profits through government policies but they know the danger of it sooner or later the Malays will take-over as new bosses and new players in the economy. So, they quickly come-up with ALI-BABA SYSTEM to undermine the NEP, to make it a total failure and still to put the Malay in ignorance of the system.

So, it is not about equality or about racism or about Malay are lazied by that policy or marginalization or synergy or a leap forward or nepotism or rasuahs or crony-ism or UMNOPUTRAS or whatever reasons that have surface now, but it is all about MONOPOLY. Imagine, if that group has their way, we can rest assure that no PAS serbans, no PKR street demonstrators can save the day because that group shall distribute the wealth equally amongst themselves and not to Malays at large and the government of the day can't undo it because now the rakyats thinks it is their voice have been heard and the govt is heeding it but actually it is the interest of that small capitalist group is being championed without the rakyats realized it.

I will end this series of article with a question, people of Malaysia all this while you are being scammed by that group of capitalists who think of themselves only, so save Malaysia by saving the future of the Malaysian economy by listening and supporting the government of the day and last note ... PAS & PKR are not knowing what they are doing actually as their purse maybe under the strings of the said group.

Thanks to NAZIR bin TUN RAZAK because he has the same insight like his brother the Rt. Honorable Prime Minister who inherits the genius genes from TUN ABDUL RAZAK. Malaysian, you are lucky to have BARISAN NASIONAL, UMNO & the Rt Honorable Datuk Seri Najib as your Prime Minister.

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