Saturday, August 7, 2010

Green Economy, The Financial Crisis and Global Energy Investment

Sustainable development, renewable energy or green living; WZWH may call it green economy. The government needs to promote and develop green innovation to ensure future environmental sustainability.

PM DS Najib realises that green technology will be the new driver for economic growth and promotes development of green technology and a culture of resource use optimisation. Malaysia has abundant resources important for sustainable energy such as small renewable energy program.

Promoting green economy is important as a stable and healthy economy. We being more resource efficient, planning smart investment, encourage stability and competition, build up skills and reward efforts.

The global financial crisis has severely weakened investment on energy resources. What are the implications of falling investment in major energy products around the world?

First, sustained lower energy investment will lead to capacity shortages, which would push up energy prices in the future, higher cost of production and inflation.

Second, curtail investment in clean energy technology lead to greater emissions in long run through the use of fossilizied- fuel energy commodities.

Third, weakened energy investment might limit poorer people's access to various forms of modern energy.

These concerns for prompt national policy actions to encourage investment in energy efficiency and clean energy. Government incentives should be increased to foster the attractiveness of investment in renewable power projects. Renewable energy products emit lesser amount of greenhouse gases with lower economic cost. This should be actively pursued by countries with abundant renewable sources of energy.

For this reason, WZWH has proposed to the government to consider the application of renewable power projects in Jerantut ie the Sungai Tekai hidroelectric dam and Lembah Tembeling nuclear power plant that will meet the national renewable energy policy objective and goal. PM DS Najib should consider these proposals seriously.

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