PM Najib Bila Mahu Hantar Surat Peringatan Kepada Ahli Parlimen BN?

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has issued a code of conduct to PAP MPs, spelling out their priorities and reminding them on what it means to be an elected Member of Parliament.

The 7—page letter, which was also released to the media, listed 10 rules of prudence.

The letter is something the prime minister issues after every election. This time, Mr Lee reminded MPs that they are serving in a new era.

The recent election, he said, has shown that voters have concerns which need to be addressed and the government will have to significantly improve its outreach, approach to formulating policies, and the policies themselves.

But having said that, Mr Lee stressed that two things must not change — firstly, always hold fast to the spirit of service to the people, and secondly, to uphold the high standards of honesty and integrity of the PAP.

It is in this context that the prime minister outlined 10 rules.

They range from requiring MPs to be always above board in their dealings — for example, separating business from politics — to declaring directorships and income, as well as being financially prudent.

MPs said the reminder is consistent with the prime minister’s message since the election and more recently, during the Cabinet swearing—in ceremony. The reminder will set the tone on how MPs go about their duties.

— CNA/ir

WZWH berpendapat amat elok DS Najib sebagai PM Malaysia berbuat perkara yang sama untuk mengingati semua ahli parlimen BN tentang kod etika ahli parlimen BN seperti:
  • servis rakyat diutamakan
  • kejujuran dan integriti 
  • pemisahan bisnes dan politik
  • pengistiharaan harta
  • gaya hidup sederhana
  • berbalah pendapat sesama ahli parlimen BN secara umum tanpa merujuk jurucakap rasmi kerajaan
Rakyat mahu semua ahli parlimen Malaysia tidak korupsi tetapi rakyat tidak tahu gaji dan elaun ahli parlimen Malaysia adalah yang terendah dalam kelompok ekonomi Asia.

Bagaimana dengan gaji RM5000 lebih  ahli parlimen Malaysia mahu beri servis yang baik dengan semangat berkobar-kobar.

Sudah sampai masanya DS Najib mengkaji skim gaji ahli parlimen yang ciput itu. Gaji ahli parlimen Malaysia patut dinaikkan kepada antara RM15,000 ke RM20,000 sebulan baru selesa menjaga kawasan parlimen.

Bila gaji ahli parlimen RM20,000 sebulan, tidak perlu ahli parlimen sibuk menguruskan bisnes atau menjadi proksi orang korporat. Minda yang fokus boleh ditumpukan untuk menjaga rakyat.


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