Saturday, May 7, 2011

Economics Of Development : The Rise Of Tembeling Valley

"Sang Kelembai" the icon of Tembeling Valley symbolize the awakening of giant rural economy.

Is Tembeling Valley, Jerantut Pahang the next rising rural economy? Will the Jerantut become a gold mine in Pahang? How will Prime Minister Najib and the Jerantut leaders affect support the Tembeling Valley economy causes? Can Tembeling Valley tackle pollution and yet maintain growth? Will the effects of EPP can transforms Tembeling Valley? Is Tembeling Valley ready to become a consumer society?

Today, if Tembeling Valley changes, the rural Malaysia feels the impact. Who can better identify the changes to Tembeling Valley surging rural economy that the future might hold in store than someone intimately connected with the Tembeling Valley highest-level internal debates? WZWH, a politician, blogger, is one of Tembeling Valley’s most influential economists and leading reformers. His remarks are closely followed nationwide for clues about how Jerantut leaders are thinking about the rising rural economy.

In a series of Economics Of Development: The Rise Of Tembeling Valley, WZWH has written many postings as below mostly in Malays. Readers can convert WZWH's writing into English using Goggle Tool.

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