Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From Kapal Layar, Barisan Nasional, 1Malaysia...To National Reconciliation. Perhaps Hitler's Final Solution The Last Option!!!

For the past 55 years the formula to unite races being employed by Kapal Layar @ Barisan Nasional is proven successful in building Malaysia.

The opposition has challenged this formula saying not relevant anymore...

The 1Malaysia concept introduced by DS Najib to mend the old formula for inclusiveness.

Again the opposition succeeded in defying 1Malaysia that is translated in GE 13 results.

DS Najib again mention National Reconcilition to unite all races in Malaysia. What is this new concept? A few months time we will get the insight meaning.

WZWH have read one good article of the past relic in dealing with race relation and race extremist.

What was Hitler's rationale for the "final solution"?

Hitler first explained and thought about his “solution” since 1919. Hitler believed his race was pure, which was the Aryan race. Wanting to protect racial purity, he then thought about getting rid of all Jews throughout Europe, along with other races he believed to be sub-human, including Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals, the mentally ill and disabled people.

Adolf's rationale for his Final Solution begins with his belief that "purity of blood," as he sees it practiced by Jews who regularly intermarry.

Hitler believed in the inequality of the races, nations, and individuals as part of the natural order of mankind, and chief among them was the exalted “Aryan race”, and the greatest of the Aryans were the Germans. It was the German, according to Hitler, that gave the world civilization and the arts; to safeguard the German people as a race (the “Volk”), they would need to be united under a single leader (the Führer), where they would be protected from their three principle enemies: Marxism, which included social democracy as well as communism; democracy and its mob-rule, as shown by the failings of the Weimar Republic; and above all what Hitler called the poisoners of humanity, the Jews. “Rational anti-Semitism must lead to systematic legal opposition,” he wrote in 1919. “Its final objective must be the removal of the Jews altogether.” In Mein Kampf, he told the world that the Jew was the “destroyer of culture,” “a parasite within the nation,” and “a menace.” 

From "My Struggle": 

“ The Jew "... he blares out his merits to the rest of the world until people really begin to believe in them. Anyone who does not believe in them is doing him a bitter injustice. In a short time he begins to twist things around to make it look as if all the injustice in the world had always been done to him and not the other way around." 

“ Hitler portrays Jews as leaders in politics and banking, both groups seeking to strengthen their cause, Zionism, to ensure Jewish domination. From his Social Darwinist perspective, Hitler perceived a racial war as inevitable and he sought to halt the "Jewish drive towards world conquest"... As Berlin collapsed around him, Adolf asserted: "Out of the ruins of our towns and monuments hatred will grow against those finally responsible for everything, International Jewry." 


Anonymous said...

When u spiking england I cannot go
Bale bete

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Kampong man said...

Salam Wan,

Ini adalah apa yang Kampong man komen didalam of A Kadir Jasin.

QUOTE " Salam Dato,

1.When Tun Dr Mahathir made statements everyone listens.He has visions not many of our politicians have because he is a statesman.I have said this many times in other blogs and I must say it again here.


Mahathir is a STATESMAN !! One in many millions !.No wonder.

2. I am against for UMNO to cooperate with the chauvanistic DAP.For what ?.DAP does not have the BN spirit of moderation.The chinese have given them the mandate to represent them as opposition so lets see how DAP fair in representing them this time.A new scenario untested.UMNO should be with MCA and Gerakan through thick and thin.Why should UMNO discard her proven allies.MCA needs to look into themselves and they want to be responsible for their worst defeat ever in the history of the coalition.A message to the chinese who fails to see MCA contributions to the community.The chinese community has other priorities, needs and demand.

3.As for Najib he should stand tall.He has the support of Tun and UMNO for his SUPERB transformations in his four years as PM taking over Pak Lah.His UMNO has done better than 2008 surely ,despite the Chinese Tsunami.

4.The PR coalition has yet to gel as a truely united like BN does.My only shock is the results in Selangor (BN 12, PKR 14, DAP 15 and Pas 15) where BN is trashed to ashes despite so much is done for for rakyat Selangor.In WP for an example look at Raja Nong Cik contributions to Lembah Pantai-AMAZING. Yet he was voted out by the non- performer MP (Lembah Pantai) and NAIVE Nurul Izzah because of the powerful UBAH sentiment and catchy slogan INI KALILAH!

5.Without any doubt and please do not beat around the bush.It is a CHINESE TSUNAMI and this is for real.It is time for reflections and time for reconciliation and we should respect most of the chinese wishes to be with DAP this time .After all they are smart voters I heard.Apa lagi orang Cina mahu!!.Good night and thank you."UNQUOTE


Anonymous said...

Amende aok nak cerite ni. Najib nak suroh jadi Hitler ke?

Perlu aok ingat, Hitler melupuskan bukan saja Jews tapi semua yg tak bersetuju dgn dia lebih kurang mcm "U Must Not Oppose" lah. Hitler kaloh sebab dia tak nok dengor cakap General dia. Dia dengor cakap pengampu dia aje.

Aok orang belajor, paham lah bila orang bagi quote "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel"-SamuelJohnson

dan satu lagi quote "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"-EdwardBurke

Anonymous said...

Salam WZWH, kampong Man, QD, Cik Gu Ngah , KD dan istimewa untuk Mat Pariba, Zack, Geng Lama, 505 pembaca sekalian.

D-Day for Objectivity
Elections anywhere in the world are always marked by charged emotions. These are further colored by biases even zeal for one’s favorite to win. To appreciate the degree of fervor, one only has to look out the window and onto the street. But when it comes to good journalism, one wants to make sure that what belongs to the street remains there and does not encroach upon responsible writing.
Sane Statistics
Statistics are often used to support arguments. This is well and good. A piece of writing should be able to stand up to scrutiny when it is thoroughly researched. And more often than not, a mark of responsible expression of opinions or ideas is the absence of claims or statements in the absolute. Unfortunately, in a charged atmosphere such as that during elections, it is easy to fall prey to sweeping statements and stereotypical generalizations. For the same reason, it is equally easy for the reader to drop his guard and swallow hook line and sinker the assumptions, half-truths, gossip and rumors, perhaps because they confirm his own bias and bigotry.

One has to query therefore by what measure or research methodology did the writer crystallize his finding with conclusions such as “most Malays or Malaysians”, “best chief minister”, “most popular” and so on. Superlatives are super naughty tricks used by some to mask shoddy work.

 The Anointed Anwar
That Anwar Ibrahim is a special persona in the Malaysian political landscape is in no doubt. He is blessed with the intellect, charm, gift of the gab – all the trappings of a great, even a leader extraordinaire!​. Not surprisingly, he is the lynchpin, the glue that binds together Pakatan and leads it to become a force to be reckoned with.

However, as the fulcrum of Pakatan, Anwar is also its weakest point. Can we imagine the Opposition standing tall as it does in the absence of Anwar? Can Hadi, Nik Aziz, Karpal Singh or Kit Siang or even Guan Eng take up the cudgel and stand on their own? It is hard not to envisage the whole Opposition structure crumbling without a leader of Anwar’s stature. So the big question here is, is this a viable substitute or alternative to the existing administration?

Now, about Tun Mahathir. Here is a great transformative leader of his time and a pilot of change who has lifted Malaysia from a third world backwater to become a newly industrializing country. Most unfortunately, the majority of new voters who represent the future of this nation, do not appreciate what Tun has done. If anything, it is the result of his his tremendous vision that has spawned this new generation! To summarily dismiss


Anonymous said...

Continue.............Tun Mahathir as surat khabar lama is an act of deliberately devious and abject disrespect.

This statesman, who has shaped Malaysia into what it is today, has no right to worry about who will carry and continue his great legacy? Who, among all the leaders in the Pakatan line up can be said to be capable enough to carry the torch Tun has left behind?

 Fact and Fiction
If we can accept that no one is perfect, we should have no problem extending that truism to include leaders, too. If so, we can use this as the basis to separate fact from fiction.

It is claimed that the Malaysian economy was in surplus when Anwar was the finance minister and it slipped into deficit upon his departure. What is hairy with this claim is that the article does not qualify the time frame this was supposed to have occurred. Also, one can’t help but wonder if the writer took into consideration the cost of currency control and pegging of the ringgit to the dollar.

Secondly, on cronyism and nepotism. Surely, this is the root of all evil and unpardonable at any rate. But let us take just a cursory look at the makeup of all the parties that make up either the ruling party or the opposition. In DAP, we have two father and son tag teams. In PKR, we have a triple whack of father, mother/ wife and daughter. And in the ruling party?
I can’t think of any at the moment. Admittedly, this may be a simplistic example but humor me, these dynastic families are fighters when they are in the opposition but the moment they grab power, should we look at them as practicing cronyism and nepotism? Should they resign immediately and only let one member of the family remain in the party and/ or government?

Thirdly, the ethnocentric inclinations of parties. Is it not curious that only Perkasa is being singled out when there is Hindraf for the Indians/Hindus and Dong Zong and Jiao Zong for the Chinese? Are these not racists?

 Lain Kali lah
The motley crew of PKR, PAS and DAP come to the table, each with their own unswaying stand and uncompromising position. With hudud seemingly etched on PAS’ stone and DAP’s ‘over my dead body’ stand about it and PKR’s elegant silence, one can’t help but chuckle at the sandiwara put on by this tripartite, hell bent on the destruction of each other. What kind of coalition is this? They just want to win the election and end of the story.

So, to cut a long story short, my money is still on the devil I know.

Kampong man said...

Salam anon 2:17,@ Ghab ?

Thank you for a well written comment.I am in total agreement with your thoughs for most of us to reflect.Well done.

By the way, excellent comment like yours seldom get into WZWH blog.You seems to know most of us here.Your style of writing is too familiar to me.You certainly is Mr Ghab whom I met in this WZWH blog sometime ago.Yes ?.Thank you Ghab.

Sekarang WZ boleh tidor lena.Jangkaan dan ramalanya TEPAT sekali.Jerantut BN menang semuanya.Pahang juga begitu. Melaka samalah macam biasa kubu BN walaupun Ali Rastam tumpas disebabkan TSUNAMI CHINA yang cenderong pada DAP.

Tahniah juga kepada rakan saya Sakmongkol yang menang di Raub.Beliau berhak merasa bangga.Tentukan ramai orang melayu menjadi ahli DAP, barulah DAP parti multiracisl.Buat sekarang masih parti racis dan chauvanistik.

UMNO tetap unggul dan akan terus relevan.Pada Anwar LAIN KALI LAH !! dan sudah sudahlah .Jangan buat huruhara lagi.Hormati keputusan dan move on.Good night.

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