Shafik Fauzan The Only Survivor Of "Kuantan Holocoust"...

Dato' Shafik Fauzan Sharif seated beside DSD Adnan Yaakob Pahang MB at BN programme at Jerantut pre-GE 13.

"Kuantan Holocoust" refers to the killing field of BN politicians politically at recent GE 13.

Some of them have close relationship with WZWH in many ways:

  • Uncle Wan Adnan parliament Indera Mahkota
  • Young aspiring politician Suffian SEMSAS junior parliament Kuantan
  • Bro Hazami DUN Beserah
  • Pang Tsu Ming former boss and colleague at Pahang GLC DUN Semambu
  • Handsome Chang DUN Teruntum
  • Tengku Zul royal relative DUN Tanjung Lumpur

Systematically at last minute, all were killed politically...

Shafik Fauzan from DUN Inderapura the only survivor of "Kuantan Holocoust". 

Inderapura was used to be the ancient name of Pahang. Perhaps this old name bring luck to Shafik Fauzan.

WZWH still remember, last year in the middle of night, Shafik Fauzan called WZWH. Shafik wanted WZWH to verify the names of voters and to make sure that certain voters will actually vote for him.

WZWH live in DUN Inderapura actually though play politics at Jerantut.

Shafik mentioned about his grand programme of getting the telephone numbers of all voters in his constituency. Not only that, he called all his voters personally.

At that time roughly he got 8,000 numbers.

One makcik the grocer near WZWH's house of whom WZWH know the ardent supporter of PAS told WZWH that Shafik had called her, persuade to vote for him. That Shafik asked makcik to come to his programme. Makcik grocer very proud to tell WZWH that ADUN Inderapura the Pahang EXCO had called her!

One good thing about Shafik is that he used to be imam to lead the jemaah prayer sometime if he is free in many surau and mosques in DUN Inderapura. Even during Ramaddan fasting time.

Now Shafik Fauzan is the Pahang EXCO Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Luar Bandar, Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani.

WZWH hope Shafik Fauzan will actively goes to visit and carry his EXCO programmes covering all Pahang rural areas.

GE 14...WZWH promise will take revenge with all means of what they did to WZWH's buddies!


Anonymous said…
Apa maksud WZWH berjanji akan membalas dendam terhadap apa yang mereka telah lakukan terhadap rakan2. GE14...

Apakah rakan turut makan rakan atau cas keting!!!
Anonymous said…

Kesian wan zuri

Tak ada sape nak baca blog dia
sang sapurba said…
taik awoklah,orang kalau dah kaki membaca tetap membaca.bukan macam awok asyik nak baca kutukan dan fitnah aje!otak lembab
Kita yang harus akur kelemahan bukan balas dendam pada rakyat..
Anonymous said…
Kelemahan sendiri boleh diterima. Pengundi mengundi ikut emosi tidak rasional pun satu hal juga!
Anonymous said…
sapik fozan ni cakap je
Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha..

Che Wan, kawan aok Zul Katak ada juga buat usha kaeh guna SMS..tapi sebab hari-hari SMS kaeh, tak tentu mase, pukul 2-3 pagi pun SMS kaeh..jadi hangin ler kaeh...akhirnya aku undi Khalid Samad, padan muka Zul Katak ...ha ha ha.

Moral of the story..jangan melebih-lebih..nanti jadi laroooooo...ha ha ha.
Anonymous said…
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