Sunday, May 12, 2013

Najib New Approach In Dealing With Chinese Tsunami

'Chinese Tsunami' indeed spoiled the BN party in getting 2/3 majority in GE 13.

Some political scientists call it 'Chinese Revolt' or 'Chinese Betrayal'. After so much kindness and good faith Najib has shown to them.

Based on ancient China Emperors'  practices, here the new approach that Najib can uses in dealing with 'Chinese Tsunami'.

Confucianism and Legalism

At the core of Confucianism is humanism, the belief that humans are teachable, improvable and perfectible through both personal and communal endeavour, especially self-cultivation and self creation. 

It focuses on the cultivation of virtue and the maintenance of ethics; of which the most basic are Ren, Yi and Li. 

Ren is is an obligation of altruism and humaneness for other individuals within a community.

Yi is to do good by upholding righteousness and moral disposition. 

Li is a system of propriety and norms instructing people on how to act acceptably within a community. 

Legalism, on the other hand, was much for focussed on the ruler and tools to be used to govern his subjects. 

Fa (translates literally to law or principle) states that every law must be written clearly and made public, that those who obey are rewarded and those who don’t are punished, all people were equal under the law and that the law ruled a state, not the ruler (giving even a weak ruler the ability to govern).

Shu said special tactics and ‘secrets’ are to be employed by the emperor to maintain power and Shi which told the ruler that it is not the ruler (himself or herself) that holds the power, but rather the position they are in.

While Confucianism believed people should treat each other as equals and love and respect one another, legalism was more about getting one-up on your peers, reporting and spying on them to get ahead of the game. 

Additionally, in a confucianisitic society, the government is in place for the benefit of the people and the ruler had to be good to his subject in order for to be good to him and obey him. Quite the contrary in legalistic society, the government came before anything else and its people were merely there to serve. 

Many of the values are conflicting when examined; Confucianism being a lot more about the individual and self-enlightenment and communal harmony, legalism is more about the leaders (who came second to absolutely nothing) and them being served by the followers, who could gain social status by betrayal or taking many heads in battle against the enemies of the government. 

The first emperor of China, Shi Huang Di, decided to use legalism to consolidate his rule as after the final campaigns of the Warring States period (which were fought BC230-221BC) all of the previously (and likely still) hostile states were now unified under one leader, but were unlikely to truly ‘get along’ with one another. 

This made legalism a good choice as the states would have tried to step on each other to get to the top whether Confucianism or Legalism was in place, so using legalism mean that the laws reflected the wants of the states, If the emperor had tried to enforce a rule of Confucianism then the populace would have disagreed with him, whereas allowing them to aid him in a way and compete more with each other made his rule stronger. 

However, you could argue that if Shi Huang Di had used Confucianism then he could have brought a much better peace to China, but considering the Warring States Period had lasted for c.250 years this was an unlikely outcome.

The choice Najib has is to use Confucianism or Legalism? Or combination of both in dealing with Chinese Tsunami ( Majority of them think now that they were mere pawns taken for a good ride by DAP ).


Kampong man said...

Salam Wan,

1.In the first place, it was indeed a CHINESE TSUNAMI and there is no two way about it.Recent analysis of the PRU 13 shows that on the overall a 10.8 % Chinese, 43.2% Indians and 63.3% Malays have voted for BN in the Peninsular Malaysia (Malaya).

2.The Chinese were made to believe by DAP and Anwar that PR will make it to Putrajaya, INI KALI LAH !!.The chinese were wrong and true enough despite their almost full support for DAP/PR the BN govt prevail.Malu sendiri sahajalah mereka.Didalam kepandaian terdapat juga kebodohan menggadaikan STABILITI POLITIK dan KEAAMANAN.

3.They continue beleiving Anwar and DAP that the election was unfair and being rigged resulting in PR failing to form a new government and hence the "Perhimpunan Haram "in Kelana Jaya and yesterday was at Batu Kawan causing great problems and inconveniences to the public especially road users.They have truely tested the PDRM patience and that their gathering were illegal and that broke the law.They have no bloody respect for the law,uncivilised and are all out to create trouble and havocs in this peaceful Malaysia as more rallies are planned.DAP and Anwar are BIADAP.

4.Their mission is simple to get the international community attention and that the ruling govt is/was not democratically elected and only ARAB SPRING like rallies can topple this democratically elected govt they belived.

5.Generally, right thinking chinese do not normally participate in such protest rallies as it will not be good for business and it is uncharacteristic of Malaysian Chinese who are generally peaceful.Anwar have made them believed that a new reelection is a possibility.Those who believe them are FOOLS !.Remember the song "A FOOL NEVER LEARN" that is what they are.God bless them,thank you.

Anonymous said...

why blame the chinese? i am more inclined to look at the fraction of malays who have received so many benefits through this regime but yet still opted to go against the BN. they have caused a breakup in malay unity thus the disrespect shown by others towards the malays.lets focus on malay solidarity instead of harping on negative racism and gain the respect of others rather than hatred.we are capable of making choices..the wrong one would surely ruin the country and i'm sure there are those looking to benefit from the chaos that would set in.
bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh.
kalah jadi abu menang jadi arang.

Anonymous said...

Orang Sabah & Sarawak memang bodoh,sanggup diperbodohkan berdekad,namun penduduk2 di pedalaman dah tersangat miskin, masih mudah terbeli oleh BN ! yang tak tahu racism akan disesatkan dgn mahzab kebenci an serta rasism supaya BN divide and rule. Tanpa phantom voters takkanlah BN boleh memangdi Sabah serta Sarawak. Orang Melayu yang betul - betul pratikkan ajaran dalam agama : keadilan,belas kasihan,kejujuran sebagai amalan hidup tidak akan merancang nak take over semua ekonomi di swasta pula,nak merampas rezeki yang diberikan oleh Tuhan pada semua insan.
Kalau diteruskan sistematik planning tersebut… cuba reflect semalaman, seharian mungkin kah kita akan terlepas dari generational sins walaupun dah berjaya dlm bidang karier profesional, cruising dlm continential cars, many with tinted windows, blocking the realities of harsh lives of ordinary Malaysians; socializing with only the exclusives, because that’s all ones know… to jive to the concoction of elitism, lingo, status and power, topped up with how many shots of café lattes can you remain not intoxicated to be wanting to respond to your conscience, sensitive and clear ( ? ) and make positive differences in the lives of others regardless of race and religion, and not tolerating racism, but showing an exponential doses of humility and goodness as a way of life as extolled in the agama, no ? yes, yes ? indifferent ? not affected in anyway ?
However, if ones tak miss doa and consecrated quiet reflections, meeting with ordinary Malaysians on the streets, definitely the conscience is pricked, hence the ritual of tasting luxuries on the terrace of bangsar shopping center will be in the mid or at the bottom of must - do list and relate better to boyzone’s father and son in Dublin, concur, agree ?
As a color blind Malay, it is certainly more at home, to work and live temporarily elsewhere,or even live temporarily on tanahair ( the catch the drift ? )even as a minority, ones are accepted with dignity, on par with the excellence of specialization, based on the content of character and muhibbah friendship, be free from hearing or reading kita asyik nak kutuk fellow Malaysians.
However, of course, touching base with my homenation, multiracial relatives and friends regularly.
Salam, Terima Kasih.

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