Bila Economist Berminat Dengan Pembangunan DUN Tahan

Posting WZWH bertajuk "Pembangunan Tembeling Tengah DUN Tahan" telah menarik minat perhatian ekonomist untuk memberi cadangan dan pandangan bernas bagaimana hendak memajukan DUN Tahan.

WZWH ucap terimakasih dan menghargai cadangan-cadangan yang baik ini untuk memajukan ekonomi orang kampung di Tembeling Tengah. Berikut WZWH petik dari cadangan-cadangan tersebut;

This is intended for all and made specially for WZWH in his quest to economics plan to develop TEMBELING DUN. Make it a simple plan but effective. These points make it simple:-

It's good to have roads and bridges built in the Tembeling DUN, but what is the economic structure to be build upon those roads and bridges? Look, we have a bunch of smart kampong people who know how to read and write and have a cumulative land holdings but what economics options that are opened widely to them ? What are the basic and common goals of economics achievement for them ? They need to be trained and to be the real owners of any real rewards from any economics development and not just participants in any FELCRA Schemes. WZWH , please consider these points:-
(1) The economic plans must be made for a period of 150 years to come.
(2) The state must enter into a joint venture effort with cooperatives that is set-up by the locals through JKKK.
(3) There must be an industrial based on manufacturing sectors in the downstream to support the upstream industry. It must be made environmentally friendly.
(4) Agro-based is the best option.
(5) Multi-agro based industries that is based on HALAL HUB-FOOD industry and BIO-DIVERSITY to support the local market and international markets.
(6) There must be support-based industries to cater for the needs of the upstream industries but that can generate income and further development in future to curb migration.
(7) That area can be another CAMERON HIGHLANDS.
(8) Manpower , technologies and machineries should be the main objective as it should be supplied, manufactured and maintain by the locals.
(9) Ever heard of SOCIAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN? It is a masterplan and blueprint to develop a community from rags to riches whereby the the society itself is fully developed into a GIANT COMMUNITY in economy.

WZWH akan study cadangan-cadangan ekonomi di atas yang dikemukakan untuk memajukan DUN Tahan. WZWH akan berusaha menyuarakannya kepada ADUN Tahan dan pimpinan tertinggi. Cadangan dari pakar ekonomi sebegini yang WZWH mahu untuk dilaksanakan. Terimakasih kepada Tenri Sanaa.


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