UMNO Could "End The End Of History" At Least In Malaysia!

Philosopher Francis Fukuyama proclaims the “unabashed victory of economic and political liberalism.” By this he means that Western capitalism, its free enterprise system, and liberal democracy had overcome four main challenges to their dominance in the 20th century: absolutism, bolshevism, fascism, and communism. Fukuyama uses the phrase “end of history” to describe the end of human “ideological evolution,” that is, the search for the optimal government and economic system. He argues that Western liberal democracy will ultimately be accepted in most countries of the world.

Various Western commentators have described the thesis of The End of History as flawed because it does not sufficiently take into account the power of ethnic loyalties and religious fundamentalism as a counter-force to the spread of liberal democracy; with the specific example of Islamic fundamentalism, or radical Islam, as the most powerful of these.

UMNO is such counter-force to The End Of History that most Western commentators acknowledged the record UMNO is holding the longest ruling party in the modern world. But not only  Sakmongkol AK47 refused to admit the strength of UMNO, he goes further to collude with enemy to decapitate UMNO!

Benjamin Barber wrote a 1992 article and 1995 book, Jihad vs. McWorld, that addressed this theme. Barber described "McWorld" as a secular, liberal, corporate-friendly transformation of the world, and used the word "jihad" to refer to the competing forces of tribalism and religious fundamentalism, with a special emphasis on Islamic fundamentalism.

Samuel P. Huntington wrote a 1993 essay, "The Clash of Civilizations", in direct response to The End of History; he then expanded the essay into a 1996 book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. In the essay and book, Huntington argued that the temporary conflict between ideologies is being replaced by the ancient conflict between civilizations. The dominant civilization decides the form of human government, and these will not be constant. He especially singled out Islam, which he described as having "bloody borders".

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, in which a group of terrorists, masterminded by Osama bin Laden, hijacked airplanes and flew them into various targets in the United States, The End of History was cited by some commentators as a symbol of the supposed naivete and undue optimism of the Western world during the 1990s, in thinking that the end of the Cold War also represented the end of major global conflict. In the weeks after the attacks, Fareed Zakaria called the events "the end of the end of history", while George Will wrote that history had "returned from vacation".

Fukuyama did discuss radical Islam briefly in The End of History. He argued that Islam is not an Imperialist force like Stalinism and Fascism: i.e. that it has little intellectual or emotional appeal outside the Islamic 'heartlands'. Fukuyama pointed to the economic and political difficulties that Iran and Saudi Arabia face, and argued that such states are fundamentally unstable: either they will become democracies with a Muslim society (like Malaysia) or they will simply disintegrate. Moreover, when Islamic states have actually been created, they were easily dominated by the powerful Western states.

In October 2001, Fukuyama, in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, responded to the declarations that the September 11 attacks had disproved his views by stating that "time and resources are on the side of modernity, and I see no lack of a will to prevail in the United States today." He also noted that his original thesis "does not imply a world free from conflict, nor the disappearance of culture as a distinguishing characteristic of societies."

In a 2008 Washington Post opinion piece, Fukuyama wrote:

Democracy's only real competitor in the realm of ideas today is radical Islamism. Indeed, one of the world's most dangerous nation-states today is Iran, run by extremist Shiite mullahs. But as Peter Bergen pointed out in these pages last week, Sunni radicalism has been remarkably ineffective in actually taking control of a nation-state, due to its propensity to devour its own potential supporters. Some disenfranchised Muslims thrill to the rantings of Osama bin Laden or Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but the appeal of this kind of medieval Islamism is strictly limited.

Robert Potter criticized "the End of History". In his thesis Recalcitrant Interdependence, he reasoned that even if an idea is objectively better than the other possible alternatives, states are still free to ignore it. In Recalcitrant Interdependence illiberal states cluster together, providing reinforcing diplomatic protection upon one another. The result being that it becomes entirely possible that "the End of History" may never happen, even if its predictions are correct. The criticism centers on the contention that "the End of History" can fail without it being overcome by another "the End of History" style concept. A good idea is compelling but not necessarily obligatory to adopt and can be resisted.

Fukuyama outlines two ways in which his view could fail:

The first is megalothymia—the ego rebelling against a society seeking to establish equality. 
The second is isothymia—a desire to establish an impossible level of equality... very few of the reasons (in Recalcitrant Interdependence) cited for attempting to defy the international consensus fit into these two categories set forth by Fukuyama...However, what Fukuyama essentially fails to recognise is that people can say ‘no’, even to an objectively good idea. His options for the failure of the ‘End of History’ hypothesis are essentially intellectual. Under recalcitrant interdependence, the failure occurs simply because people reject the idea, for a myriad of very bad reasons.

Another challenge to the "End of History" theory is a perceived growth in economic and political power for two countries, Russia and China; China has a single-party state government, while Russia, though a democracy, has been described by some as de facto authoritarian.

Azar Gat, Professor of National Security at Tel Aviv University, argued this point in his 2007 Foreign Affairs article "The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers", stating that the success of these two countries could "end the end of history". Gat discussed radical Islam as well, but stated that the movements associated with it "represent no viable alternative to modernity and pose no significant military threat to the developed world". He considered the challenge of China and Russia to be the more major threat, since they could pose a viable rival model which could inspire other states.

Fukuyama himself later conceded that his thesis was incomplete, but for a different reason: "there can be no end of history without an end of modern natural science and technology". Fukuyama predicts that humanity's control of its own evolution will have a great and possibly terrible effect on the liberal democracy.

Does Malaysia need an Arab Spring? That was the question on WZWH mind when Sakmongkol AK47 called Frank Fukuyama, the Stanford professor and author of “The End of History and the Last Man.” Fukuyama has been working on a two-volume opus called “The Origins of Political Order,” and WZWH could detect from Sakmongkol recent writings that his conclusion on UMNO fate was leading him to ask a very radical question about Malaysia’s political order today, namely: has Malaysia gone from a democracy to a “vetocracy” — from a system designed to prevent anyone in government from amassing too much power to a system in which no one can aggregate enough power to make any important decisions at all?


Anonymous said…

Tq....nice article. lagi cantik kalau boleh diterjemah ke dalam bahasa malaysia...:d

mat pendang
Anonymous said…
This WZ guy composed the last paragraph. Seriously! Check all his previous postings & you'll easily notice. Wat la wei

Zain sanggang
Anonymous said…
Lu faham ka apa lu tulis. Lu abis baca ka itu buku semua atau la baca orang punya write up on the book.
Ini confirm kat "U" dulu cedok cut and pace.
The pundeking of an UMNO guy trying to prove he is better than SAK AK47 but the truth kamu pembodek and a liar just like UMNO.
Quiet Despair said…
Zain sanggang and Anon 10.42 am

Weh, tak perlulah hina orang. Kitapun bukannya pandai sangat. At least Pak Wan ada degree dari Dundee.
Zain mungkin setakat lulusan SPM dari Sekolah Abu Bakar Temerloh. Yang Anon satu lagi pula lulus school of mencarut tajaan Anu-War dan Tukar Tiub. Boleh cari makan tukar tayar, bro. Jadilah kan. Tak payah apply PTPTN loan kan.
Kita oghang Pahang patut bangga ada dua bloggers lulusan economics dan can speak fluent omputih.
Ok, kawan-kawan, tengah sibuk ngat ni cari soru. Malam nanti I comment.
I akan analyze both copies - Sak's and Tuan Wan. And I will play agent provocateur, like people call me. Chief batu api lah and I am proud of it.
Deep in my heart, I like Uncle (hahaha) Arief, though not his political inclinations. And I am beginning to like Tuan Wan.
Jangan mengalah Wan. Continue to write in English.
Anonymous said…
I'm pity with Anon 10:42 and Anon 1:49 so hard not to accept WZWH the cultured UMNO boy whom is better than Sakmongkol. Not only WZWH understands The Traditional Politics Of Pahang more excellent than Sakmongkol's failure to comprehend, WZWH is best in explanation of the contemporary philosophies. Congratulation WZWH to down Sakmongkol's egocentric!
Anonymous said…
Yg atas tu wz komen sendiri. Quote sana sini doesn't make u intellectual
Anonymous said…
Hello QD. Mana seronok, jadi omputih ke jadi Melayu?

Fan aok
Anonymous said…
well done, WZWH... for an unbiased article that examined the validity of Fukuyama's "The End History," which is soooo unlike, Suck47's vile article. An article filled with pure vomit, and, according to Suck47 "...In this article I am following up and using much of the material written by the intrepid and much loved commentator in my blog, Walla. He has observed that along a similar trajectory to Fukuyama’s thesis, the same is happening here because our rakyat have all woken up to what UMNO has been doing...."

Yep, Suck47's "inferring of" pure gutter politics through the skewed eyes of the transgendered Walla, a grown man hiding behind a picture of a girl!

what a bloody joke... a washed-up, frustrated, hypocritical, has-been politician's "inferring of" pure gutter politics through the skewed eyes of the transgendered Walla, a grown man hiding behind a picture of a girl!

maybe, the two of them should get married when Anu(s)war becomes the PM... it should be legal by then, right Walla?

which should easily explain the real reason behind Walla's intense support for the dark-side.

may you live happily ever after in your own sordid fairy-tale (pun IS intended!)
Anonymous said…
Mula-mula Sakmongkol tulis seperti yang diterbit oleh The Malaysian Insider:

Umno’s looming end (Part 2) — Sakmongkol AK47
April 23, 2012
APRIL 22 — Some of my readers will recognise that my previous article borrowed its title from Fukuyama’s hugely popular book. I am sceptical, however, that someone who writes of Najib Razak as being the prime minister of this blessing land instead of this blessed land has read Fukuyama’s book.

I haven’t got the time to enter into useless polemic with this fellow as it would only serve to dignify his blog, which isn’t widely read anyway.

Kemudian bila Sakmongkol sedar bila WZWH balas posting yang WZWH pun well verse "The End Of History" terus Sakmongkol edit dan tambah seperti dibawah:

Some of my readers will recognize that my previous article borrowed its title from Fukuyama’s hugely popular book. I am skeptical however that someone who writes of Najib as being the PM of this blessing land instead of this blessed land has read Fukuyama’s book. That if he does, can understand the import of Fukuyama's thesis. I haven’t got the time to enter into a useless polemic with this fellow as it would only serve to dignify his blog which isn’t widely read anyway.

Sakmongkol edit...That if he does, can understand the import of Fukuyama's thesis.

Sakmongkol underestimate dan look down WZWH, bila Sak baca respon posting WZWH baru Sak tahu dia kantoi....hehehehehhehheheh
Anonymous said…
Salam Engku...,

Tapi ingat MCE dan SPM tahun 60/70an standardnya hampir sama dgn grad UU termasuk oversea masa kini... Satu ajer kekurangan belajar masa ini, kebanyakan mereka dihidangkan dengan makanan daging lembu dan disusukan dgn susu lembu. Org dulu disusukan dengan susu ibu sejati. Org dulu2 ada belajar mata pelajaran tata rakyat dan sejarah...

Anonymous said…
WZWH, sapa yang tulis artikel ni?

Alumni Pasti
Anonymous said…
Kalau Anon 10:53 nak tahu pasti penasihat politik Najib kasi Wan Zuri. Penasihat politik Najib tahu hanya Wan Zuri blogger yang berani shoot straight on Sakmongkol face. Entah-entah Najib sendiri email Wan Zuri hehehehehehe....
Anonymous said…
Spot on, Alumni Pasti!

Zain Sanggang
Ghab said…
UMNO's own The End of History : Sakmongkol's elucidation , " it is already happening ......mainstream media..... have no clue.....Umno is in total disarray .....Umno ...desperate.....

In fact , it is the other way around , when Sakmongkol descents about , " Umno is in totally disarray " .

Indisputably , Sakmongkol in his atrocious state of mind is gearing up to advocate his justification for being a newly relevant member of DAP. He is reconstructing his track records to stay relevant for the eyes congregating DAP's High Order .

His candidacy and his political credibility are at stake . Delivering enough Malay electorate votes for DAP is his paramount objective. By hook or by crook he must deliver even he has to trade off his soul to DAP . One wonders that he could be more desperate than his fellows DAP . More importantly , he has smoked himself and thus suck into , by the evil debris of his consciousness to meeting his doom .

His action stay put to weaken Umno's leadership . With a clear conscience , he is in his war path to further breached the covenant of the Malay consciousness . Mischievously , distributing calumny and defamation to the Malay minds are his pow and pow wow .

The majority from the Malay heartland is for Umno . The mainstream media and the rest of the media are following the que from the people's sentiment. The majority of urban Malays are taking a turn for Umno . BN aggressive campaign has shown numerical progress . This has frightened him .

In his own campaign gigs , less than one hundred people turned up . No wonder he has been continuously bastardizing Najib and the Malays in series without interval through his blog . Brutalizing Najib and the Malays are getting him trap and in against the brick wall of China. In fact by that happening , he is the Holy Ghost of his soul and yet to be in the Trinity of the Godheads .

Sakmongkol calls that the Malays have been addicted to horror stories and sex . No ! the Malays are not addicted but they love these stories . For all that matter the world's habitants love those sort of stories too . These stories exist in all societies . Cultural anthropologist marks them as a cultural amusement as part of their leisure time .

Sakmongkol claims , for those Malay who read these stories they become corrupt and parasite Malay and Umno . Umno used these parasites to hold on to Putra Jaya and Umno owns the end of history ? This is absurded !!

The Malays are now more positive about Umno . The hiccup of political in 2008 because of weak leadership was realized by the Malays . The positiveness of Najib's leadership marked in trust is in progress . Sakmongkol is damned furious .

His take on , " Umno's own The End of History " is the reflection of his paranoia . The following are his own words found in his sacred write ups :

Useless polemic , shamefaced , tyrannical policies , lying machine , racketeering , coterie of cronies , cronies , syndicate of well-heeled crocks , lairs , hiring thugs , thug , bully , hypocrite , hypocrisy , talking cock , thick face , snake oil salesman ,paid lackeys ,corrupt paymasters , corrupt , corrupt , corruption , corrupt politicians, cheapskates , broad daylight thief , tomfoolery , bellyaching , parasite leaches , parasites , anointed rent seekers , plunderer , steal , plundering civilization , unholy alliance , morons , mental retard , sodomy , bisexual , politician penis , sycophants and many more .

The above words are Sakmongkol own words used to essay in describing that " ALL totalitarian and undemocratic rules in the world have had to adjust to new realities brought about by the empowerment of people " .

The question here , is Sakmonkol a liberal democrat , liberal fascist or a liberal anarchist or a liberal opportunist or just an apostate Malay from Pahang in DAP ? Good luck DAP !
Anonymous said…
Orang yang kata WZWH cedok tu macam tahu je konsep yang diperkatakan. Makanya awak tentu tahu yang WZWH faham apa yang diperkatakan sudahlah. Tak payah pulak nak nilai, ni kan posting saja. Cuma dia personalised je sikit konsep tu nak menyatakan disagreement to Sak 47 thinking on UMNO.Zamrud yang mengenal maknikam. Adios!
Kampong man said…
Salam WZWH dan semua,

Ghab,you have described Sakmongkol really well.The useless polemic, shamefaced.....and many more.Wow that was a mouthful and indeed it makes my comment really lame and sober.Have i been too polite in my many comments when Sakmongkol has badmouth and betrayed his UMNO and the majority Malays who are mostly behind UMNO, not just from the Kampong but also sensible and educated Malays in the urban areas.
We get many of such exUMNO people around. Look at that deprived looking Tamrin Ghafar(Sak good buddy i saw at Cawan Bangsar) that ex MARA Chairman my Melaka boy,Zaid Ibrahim my STAROBA boy to name a few.These are ambitious UMNO stalwarts who have benefitted from UMNO in many ways appear dan sanggup tak mengenang budi kerana terasa di pinggirkan dan sudah tak ada umpp..lagi. .Not many people think highly of most of the UMNO rejects anyway.Tamrin dad Ghaffar BABA will be remembered as a true UMNO man but son Tamrin benefitted.Peole joke that he(Ghaffar) entered university twice ended up without an honours degree ! if you catch the drift.Sakmongkol and all the above are FAKE UMNO men who will be rejected by Malays wherever they contest believe me.PERJUANGAN ?huh..

Now back to that many anti-Gomen people here belittling WZWH and memikirkan Sakmongkol itu terlalu hebat.In fairness, both WZWH and Sak have two different background one is in accountancy and the other one study economics.Sak is not an economist per se he merely study economics and a politician thats all.I know of my other half buddy TKC friend, an economist, a good politician too and of course an UMNO loyalist unlike Sak.She is Dtk Dr Noraieshah from Balik Pulau ,Penang .She is truly an economist and she is not a blogger though.Look at her immense contributions to the nation and her commitment to the party.She is among the proud Malaysians.She speak beautiful french too not just bahasa and english.This too goes to my idola economist Prof Di Raja ENGKU AZIZ and her daughter Zeti.These are the economist who contributed to the nation wellbeing and not splitting the malays and tikam dari belakang.They remain professional to their profession.No flip flop !

We cannot blame Sak for this .He has to survive to live for a living by being a politician achieving wealth the shortest way may be.He knows best.Too bad at his late age Sak has not been a successful politician.I read that Nazri Aziz has offered not to contest giving way to new and young blood and so is Koh Tsu Koon and here you are we have Sak trying his political luck at such a late age !when others his contemporaries have been MPs and ministers are leaving .Sak has been tipped to be an opposition leader if he contest in Pahang if he can secure a win.I doubt it under DAP Pahang unless the majority malay voters take the streets with parang and tombak like Mat Kilau demanding a change in government like that ARAB SPRING in Pahang.Sorry ,we are not Arabs,we are Malaysians ok.

To Pahang people jangan terlalu ghairah dengan bro Sak.Sak mempunyai perjuangan peribadi memburukan Najib dan UMNO dan Tun Dr Mahathir kerana terlalu kechewa.BN akan terus releven pada pandangan saya.Tak salah pun siapa yang tuan tuan akan pilih.Tuan tuan adalah boss.Terdapat banyak percubaan memburukkan Tun Dr M memadamkan jasa beliau selama 22 tahun kepada negara dan rakyatnya.Jangan begitu.MELAYU MUDAH LUPA !! Wallahwualam.
Anonymous said…
Kampong man, I think i agree with u. i strongly believe BN still win this time.
Anonymous said…
There is no doubt BN will still be there in Putrajaya .They will secure the two third majority though with slight difficulty because BN walk the talk and they really are for the rakyat working for both the BN and PR supporters.
Anonymous said…

Ini terjemahan makalah Sak yang membabitkan buku Fukuyama tu. Aku rasa lain SAk tulih lain nko tulih. Sak menyebut buku Fukuyama sepintas lalu je, bukan mempertahankan buku tersebut. Artikel sdra ni patutu dihantar kepada Fukuyama sebagai ulasan kepada bukunya.


ebahagian daripada pembaca sudah dapat meneka bahawa artikel saya yang lepas meminjam tajuk daripada buku Francis Fukuyama yang masyhur itu. Saya ragu-ragu tentang seorang penulis yang menulis Najib sebagai PM bagi Negara yang memberkati dan bukannya Negara yang diberkati (ini merujuk kepada kesalahan bahasa bagi seorang blogger daripada Jerantut –penterjemah), saya tidak yakin dia pernah membaca buku Fukuyama tersebut. Jika dibacapun, mungkin dia tidak faham isi kandungan dan gagasan idea buku tersebut. Saya tiada masa untuk berdebat dengan beliau yang mana akan memuliakan lagi blog yang tidak mendapat sambutan itu.

Saya mengaku satu perkara. Blog saya kini tidak lagi berselindung sebagai forum perbahasan yang tidak berat sebelah. Semenjak menyertai DAP saya cuba mengemukakan sudut pandangan yang objektif dan semakin berfungsi sebagai orang yang menyebarkan cebisan-cebisan pandangan dengan objektif politik yang khusus. Saya tidak perlu menjelaskan dengan terperinci kerana ramai yang tahu apa yang saya maksudkan di sini.

Kembali kepada buku Fukuyama “Berakhirnya Sejarah”. Buku ini menerangkan tentang berakhirnya pemerintahan kuku besi dan tidak demokrasi di seluruh dunia. Samada berakhirnya jenis pemerintahan tersebut dan digantikan dengan demokrasi bebas dengan maksudnya yang sebenar masih belum pasti. Apa yang berlaku diseluruh dunia adalah seperti berikut – SEMUA pemerintah kuku besi dan tidak demokrasi di dunia sekarang terpaksa menyesuaikan diri dengan kenyataan baru yang akibat daripada beralihnya kekuasaan kepada rakyat. Inilah yang berlaku kepada Negara kita ini. Hasilnya, walaupun banyak cakap-cakap besar yang “tidak malu” bahawa PM semakin popular, janji-janji pembangunan yang gagal di laksanakan setelah sekian lama, jelas kelihatan kerajaan yang memerintah pada hari ini semakin resah dan gelisah ; nampaknya keadaan sudah lagi tidak seperti biasa.

Perangai yang jelas kerajaan hari ini – suka memijak rakyat dan merempuh mereka dengan polisi-polisi yang menindas dan program-program yang membelenggu jiwa rakyat yang bebas. Yang paling teruk ialah orang Melayu, selamanya dibutakan dan terikat dengan jentera penipuan UMNO.

Di sini saya akan menyambung dan menggunakan kebanyakan bahan yang telah ditulis oleh seorang yang rajin member komen di blog saya iaitu Walla. Pemerhatiannya adalah perkara yang dikemukakan oleh Fukuyama dari segi perkembangan sejarahnya juga sedang berlaku di Negara kita kerana rakyat telah mulai sedar apa yang UMNO lakukan selama ini. UMNO ini seperti sebuah mesin yang berkerja bersama-sama untuk melindungi kroni-kroni sambil mengeluarkan berita-berita baik setiap hari bagi memberikan perasaan gembira kepada rakyat. UMNO tidak lebih dari kumpulan perkongsian penyamun dan penipu yang memainkan emosi rakyat yang lurus itu.

Sebagai contoh peristiwa di Dataran Merdeka kelmarin. Sambil mereka mengupah penghibur-penghibur untuk menari di situ dan menujukkan senyuman kepada kamera supaya penonton-penonton di seluruh Negara terpaku dengan persembahan cahaya dan bunyinya, ada pula pelajar-pelajar kita yang berkumpul di satu sudut di dalam khemah-khemah mereka di dataran yang sama – begitu simbolik masalah Negara kita ini. Pelajar-pelajar ini telah berkorban dengan beraninya menyuarakan rasa ketidakadilan bagaimana satu parti politik dengan sewenang-wenangnya memberikan jutaan ringgit kepada kroni-kroni tetapi menafikan biasisiswa kepada pelajar miskin dan mengupah kaki pukul untuk membuli mereka dan merampas khemah mereka.

Anonymous said…
Sambungan terjemahan artikel sak...

"Ini adalah bukti “sudah terang lagi bersuluh” bahawa UMNO mengambil laluan yang bertentangan dengan kata-kata “Rakyat didahulukan”. Kalau ini bukan hipokrit yang bertentangan dengan “rakyat didahulukan” apa lagi yang tinggal? Dan Najib berkokok ayam tentang rekod pencapaiannya dan gagasan –gagasan idea beliau. Sedangkan UMNO sendiri telah menolak idea beliau. Adakah kita akan menebalkan muka dan memperdaya diri sendiri dan memaksa diri dan keluarga kita untuk menerima sahaja lakonan dan cakap-cakap kosong oleh Najib? Dia memang seorang penjual obat.

Sementara itu pencacai-pencacai UMNO mula menyerang Aspan membuta tuli dengan perkara yang tidak masuk akal. Lupakah sipencacai ini bahawa dia pernah duduk di sebelah Aspan dan secara ikhlas dan penuh bersopan membincangkan masalah yang dihadapi oleh orang Melayu kita di Negara ini?
Jika pencacai ini tergamak melakukan perkara sedemikian kepada rakannya yang jujur dan budiman , apakah lagi yang kita boleh harapkan daripada budi pekertinya untuk mempertahankan Tuan Besarnya iaitu UMNO?
Inilah apa yang UMNO telah lakukan kepada Negara dan masyarakat kita. UMNO telah memecahbelah dan memisahkan dirinya daripada kita. Malah lebih teruk lagi, UMNO telah menghina kita. Bukankah sebelum ini ada orang yang telah mengaku bahawa dia bukan murahan yang akan menerima dua ratus ringgit ?
Apa yang mereka tidak sedar ialah UMNO menganggap orang yang menerima duit daripadanya sebagai murahan. Wang RM 200 yang di bayar kepada pencacai adalah duit syiling kepada orang yang menabur duit yang sebenarnya dikutip daripada rakyat. Syiling RM 200 ini adalah sedekah daripada mereka tetapi ini terlalu sedikit jika dibandingkan dengan betapa banyak duit yang telah dirompak di siang hari oleh Tuan Besar di bawah perlindungan institusi persekutuan di Negara kita ini. Agaknya ini adalah sebahagian daripada proses penyucian jiwa mereka. Perangai bengap ini mesti ditamatkan menjelang PRU 13.

Lihat sahaja lakonan badut-badut sebagai contoh iklan di TV oleh Pemandu mengenai anti rasuah. Tanyalah diri kita bagaimana sebuah kerajaan boleh meminta syarikat-syarikat untuk membuat akujanju untuk tidak rasuah sedangkan kerajaan sendiri menghadapi masalah rasuah? Kita akan mengumpul banyak markah A jika kita jujur di dalam menjawab soalan-soalan tersebut. Muhyidin dan Khaled tentu tidak kisah kerana mereka tidak pernah terlepas perkara yang mereka tidak pernah dapat – mereka sendiri jarang dapat A .

Masih ada yang tertanya-tanya apakah yang akan berlaku kepada UMNO selepas PRU13. Jawabannya sudah ada. Lihat sahaja di negeri-negeri yang dikuasai oleh Pakatan. UMNOlah pembangkang di negeri itu. Inilah yang akan berlaku jika Pakatan menumpaskan Barisan di dalam PRU13.

Di dalam negeri yang di kuasai Pakatan, adakah orang Melayu di situ lebih teruk keadaanya? Sudah hilangkah ketuanan Melayu ? Pelik bukan bila beberapa orang “Melayu” yang mengadu ditindas dan dianiaya itu tidak menyerupai orang “Melayu”?

Seperti yang saya nukilkan sebelum ini, cara terbaik untuk mengetahui perangai sebenar sebuah parti itu ialah ketika parti itu tidak memerintah. Apabila parti itu menjadi pembangkang adakah mereka benar-benar membela rakyat. Adakah UMNO yang menjadi pembangkang benar-benar cakna dan prihatin dengan masalah rakyat seperti mana pembangkan di negeri yang dikuasai BN?

Mari kita tanya diri kita sendiri – jika Najib terpaksa mengupah penunggang motosikal untuk membawa bendera dan NGO UMNO boleh membuli dengan menghunus keris melawan gerakan pelajar dan rakyat, di sebelah manakah UMNO? Justru di sebelah mana pula Najib dan NGO UMNO? Maaf kerana markah A amat terhad.
Adakah anda bersama yang menzalimi atau yang dizalimi? "

Sama-samalah kita baca dan ulas tulisan sak ini. jangan jadi sasau, lain orang tulih, kita dok cincang benda lain.
Anonymous said…
Kita ni weh suka sangat berbalah sama sendiri. Tak pasal-pasal dari isu politik jadi melarat ke soal Fukuyama. Orang lain berbalah macam mana nak besarkan jaringan perniagaan mereka, setelah berjaya memecahkan kita dalam soal politik.Mereka bukan saja penakluk ekonomi di Pasifik saja, malah seluruh dunia walaupun dikalangan Israel sekalipun. Ini sejarah. Tengok apa jadi bila mereka ramai akirnya memerintah sebuah Singapura moden. Dan kita pun berpolimik lagi tentang ideologi apa yang menyebabkan mereka maju. Makin kita rasa kita ni sarjana,lagi kuat analisa kita akirnya tertimbus sendiri. Orang lain dengan sampua saja dan bahasanya sedang menguasai ekonomi dunia. Mereka mengagong-agongkan dan memuji sesiapa yang sanggup mengutuk bangsanya sendiri. Renungkan dan cuba ubah mindset kita. Jangan nak popular sesama kita saja.

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