Bersih 2.0 'The Crusaders' Implanted Within

Bersih 2.0 is 'The Crusaders' version of Malaysia to kill UMNO/BN goverment.

The world governments and political academia agree one thing that ironically Malaysia the majority muslim nation lead by UMNO is the longest ruling party in the world for the past 55 years. Therefore much envy of Malaysia politically, economically and socially stable.

How to break this last muslim controlled government? Answers for that are by supporting and financing Bersih 2.0 lead by Ambiga Sreenevasan and use Pakatan Rakyat leaders through Anwar Ibrahim. The majority Malays muslim can be divided by mobilising PAS the pseudo Islamic party.

Their theme is tomorrow (9th July) is the beginning of new era- the end of BN government. They use democracy manipulations as excuses and facts spinning. Telling that Malaysia for the last 12 GE were not fair and clean. They forgot they Pakatan Rakyat had won 5 states.

Pakatan Rakyat has 82 members of parliament. So if the Bersih 2.0 of 8 demands are true why these 82 MPs of Pakatan Rakyat didn't voice and speak up the matters? Does Ambiga really belittles all Pakatan Rakyat MPs because they do nothing to bring these 8 demands.

Why these 82 MPs hide behind a woman name Ambiga. Are they 'pondan politicians'? Do these 82 MPs think that the BN government is getting stronger and stronger that Pakatan Rakyat become afraid that they have to resort to streets demonstration?

There are no facts or figures to prove that Malaysia does not have free and fair elections.If there is, please publish the constituencies where there elections were not fair or free. If there is vote buying ,prove it . The crux of the matter is , this is the last attempt for sympathizers and Western influence to weaken Malaysia by using a Malaysian ( Anwar Ibrahim). This is the start of what happened in Afghanistan, the only difference is this time around it is not Russia doing the killing,its a combined effort of US,UK and Australia. Another Muslim country for the kill. This is the Crusade for them and the time is ripe.If Malaysia goes down, next is Indonesia.

The biggest hypocrite and spin master in Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim dared not even face his own trials and kept asking for postponements and delaying the trials should be the last person to teach UMNO/BN about principles. Even his once best friend RPK said he has lost all credibility as a leader. 

UMNO/BN had never been afraid of facing the voters and even abide by voters decisions when five states went to the oppositions in the last election. It is the oppositions that is afraid of the free and fair election and Bersih had actually been hijacked to turn it into a political outfit for the opposition. The opposition knew that they are going to be thrashed in the coming election with perhaps only DAP winning more seats. PAS and PKR knew that the Malay and Indian votes are swinging back to BN/UMNO . It was because of this that the oppositions particularly Anwar Ibrahim saw an opportunity to divert people's attention from his own personal problems and the internal problems of the opposition.

If the majority of Malaysians support Bersih, they can even hold a rally in the jungle and people will congregate. What is Bersih fighting for ? Clean and fair elections? They have not come up with details as to when and where there were dirty and unfair elections! 

They are stooges of Western Crusaders who want to takeover the riches of Malaysia - the nation that produces the most palm oil as the best alternative to fossil oil. There is the bigger agenda and this is just the start. Once they get Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister,then you will find Malaysia at the mercy of Western power - history repeats itself.

Being a true Malaysian and peace lover, WZWH despise those who invade our prosperous and harmonious environment.The nuisance caused by Bersih rally not only caused traffic congestion to major roads but also reveals the uncivilized way to channel dissatisfaction.To WZWH there will be general election.Confrontational way to solve any issue definitely reflects immaturity and this is pathetic.C'mon! Please stop bugging other people's lives and find some other beneficial things to do than ruining our country's unity just because of hidden agenda.


Mr Lonely said…
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WZWH said…
Hi Mr Lonely,
Dont'h be kidding, your blog is great kid. You write a a lot. Indeed your blog has expressed teenager thinking clearly. Keep writing kid. WZWH has followed and link your blog.
Dennis said…
Nice article and really expressive. Hope to learn more about you :)
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