Hikayat BERSIH 2.0 : "Where Democracy Fails, Revolution Is The Answer"

The Bersih 2.0 task is so simple to submit a memo to YDP Agong. But Bersih make it complicated to make a huge gigantic rally that really seriously costs much the nation! But Bersih insists in the name of "free election" and democracy!

The announcement by Bersih that they wish to hand over a Memo to the YDP Agong on July 9th is dishonest. Till today they have not made any attempt to even communicate with the Office of the YDP Agong. Isnt this strange? You say you want to hand over a Memo to the YDP Agong. But todate you have NOT even written to the YDP Agong asking for an appointment to hand over the Memo to him. Isnt that kurang ajar? 

It is obvious that they are merely abusing the YDP Agong’s good name for their political agenda. The Malaysian public is not that obtuse to be not able to see through this ruse.

They have made known to the whole world that they will be marching to the gates of the Istana to hand over a Memo. But they have not had even the slightest courtesy to petition the YDP Agong to seek an audience, even at his front gate. Ambiga is manifesting a riff raffness that seems to be written on her forehead.

Bersih’s fear is that the Agong may indeed agree to receive a Bersih delegation to meet him privately to hand over their Memo. That will be really quite disastrous for Bersih. The YDP Agong can really mess their plans to run mad in the streets. That is why they have no intention of asking the YDP Agong permission to meet him.

But so what? Bersih does not want to meet the YDP Agong. They just want to demonstrate in the streets. 

This is a mob!

It becomes the law of the jungle when riff raff and mobs seek to dictate to the majority that the majority should listen to the whims of the mob.

If the majority of the electorate in this democratic country get fed up with the incessant demand by a minority mob, that the laws of this country should be broken or bent to suit their whims and fancies, then indeed democracy has failed.

It is turning out to become the tyranny of the minority mobs against the majority. Democracy has failed. What you are asking for then is a revolution. If that is your wish, let me assure you that the majority will not shy away from heaping such a revolution on your head.

The country is heading towards chaos because of the gangsterism and the tyranny of the minority. If you don’t stop, a time will come when this will have to stop. Please be on notice.

The accusation that the entire electoral process in Malaysia is unclean and unfair is a malicious generalisation. Where is the proof that the whole electoral process in the country is not clean and fair?

Please note that almost 2000 Police Reports have been lodged against the Bersih rally by various people. Never before in the history of Malaysia have 2000 Police reports been lodged against any one single disruptive event.

Let us settle our differences through the Ballot Box. This country is a democracy. For 56 years UMNO and the BN have made sure that General Elections are held every five years like clockwork.


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