The Philosophy Of BERSIH 2.0 Are All To End The BN Government!

BERSIH 2.0 is the breeder of anarchists among politically ignorant young Malaysians.

It is an accepted fact that Malaysian Political Power is in the hands of the Malay Community, while Economic Power and Administrative cum Judicial Prowess is in the hands of the Non-Malay Community of Chinese & Indians respectively!

Each of the 3 major Malaysian communities had, from the first Dawn of Independent Nationhood, agreed happily to undertake complementing, compensating and gratifying roles to "grow" this new "Country" into a beautiful, Multi-Racial, Multi-Religious, Multi-Cultural, Prosperous and Peaceful United Nation!

This "Power Balance" had been harmoniously knitted by our Founding Fathers of Nationhood, led by our late loving Bapa Tunku and his Compatriot Community Leaders of Chinese, Indians and others in 1957.

The 3 "Power" Pillars of our "Nation-Building" and "National-Unity Nurturing" would have established a steadfast & solid Foundation that should have stood up successfully against and weathered all the stormy challenges and the test of time!

What happened and who broke the "sacred" promise made,amongst the 3 major communities?

Pakatan Rakyat through their latest technology called Bersih is the breaker!

Ambiga Sreenevasan the chairman of Bersih has claimed that the country elections since GE1 to GE12 are dishonest elections with many so called forms. Is really Ambiga the Joan of Arc of Malaysian truly democracy?

Here are the philosophy of BERSIH 2.0 regarding free election in Malaysia:

  • Thus, the electoral system contained built-in advantages for the Malay community. There was no realistic possibility of a non-bumiputra party’s or coalition’s “going it alone” and winning an election. The only way for Chinese and Indian politicians to participate in government was by allying themselves with Malays, inevitably as junior partners. In practice, only two types of government could emerge from elections: an all-Malay government or a Malay dominated coalition…”
  • “…Malaysia has institutionalised a semi-democratic political system. It does engage in elections, which provide for free choices, and the opposition has won seats. Yet the contest is not a fair one, given state dominance of the media, bias in government funding toward the incumbent BN, continuing electoral irregularities, and constituencies that are constructed to favour BN…”
  • “…We have demonstrated how the Barisan Nasional has managed to perpetuate its rule through various forms of electoral manipulation and administrative repressions. On one hand, its initial electoral strengths have been entrenched through control of franchise, alternation of international and administrative boundaries, malapportionment and gerrymandering of electoral constituencies, controlled electoral campaigns and polling irregularities. On the other hand, political opposition is disempowered with infringement of civil and political liberties, extensive patronage networks and abuse of federal apparatus to suppress intergovernmental competition. The opposition state governments are discriminated against and in some cases overthrown through direct federal intervention, while the local elections which the ruling coalition had largely failed to win were outright terminated since 1965…”
  • “…In Malaysia, elections are not fair since basic political rights and civil liberties are restricted. Limitations to press freedom and to the right to associate and assemble, malapportionment, gerrymandering, and the financial advantages of the ruling parties are testimony to the systematic violation of fairness principles…”
  • “..On average in eleven general elections in Malaysia, the opposition wins 45 percent of the votes, but due to the limits on the opposition within the electoral system, through gerrymandering, malapportionment and the impact of a first-past-the post system, and constraints on political organization for the opposition, holds less than 15 percent of the seats in parliament. In the 2004 election the BN won 63.4 percent of the popular vote, but won 91 percent of the overall seats…”
  • “…All mainstream media are directly controlled by either the government, such as Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM), or by companies that have a close link with the BN’s top leadership, such as Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, TV3, and Ntv7. Their relationships with leadership make them favourable to the ruling BN…”
  • “The Malaysian electoral system . . . [has been] so heavily loaded in favour of the government that it is hard to imagine that [it] . . . could be defeated in an election."
  • “…Further, these iterative electoral victories have extended some legitimating cover for the government's often sly legislation, habitual amendments to the constitution, manipulation of standing orders and question time, and elevation of loyalists to the largely ceremonial upper house. In sum, while the government can claim that Malaysia holds the longest unbroken record of elections in the region, it has not been established competitively. As Tun Razak noted in 1971: "So long as the form is preserved, the substance can be changed to suit conditions of a particular country…"
  • “…A further package of factors working in Umno’s favour included an electoral redistribution, changes to electoral laws, and a ‘cleansing’ of the electoral roll. An electoral redistribution carried out by the Election Commission (EC) added 26 seats to parliament, most in areas favourable to Umno in the south (Johor from 20 to 26, Selangor 17 to 22), and Sabah (20 to 25). The northern states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah had no additions. Furthermore, several seats in Kedah won by PAS in 1999 were reorganised with a higher proportion of non-Malay voters, making a repeat PAS victory unlikely.
  • “…Traditionally, not issues but the ‘three Ms’ – media, money and machinery – are the key determinants of Malaysian elections. (It used to be the ‘four Ms’, before Mahathir retired.) The BN controls all television and radio stations, and all major newspapers, either through its control of government or party ownership. It uses this control to sell the virtues of the BN, and denigrate the opposition. An independent voice does exist in the form of the online newspaper Malaysiakini. Some opposition parties and NGOs also have their own publications on the internet and/or in hard copy. But such publications cannot reach a large audience.
  • “…The most controversial aspect of the 2004 election campaign was its management by the EC. The elections were the most disorganised and contested ever. In some cases this may simply have reflected incompetence, but EC activities frequently provided direct benefits to the BN, as they had in the revisions of electoral boundaries and membership of the electoral roll.
If we study of all the philosophy of Bersih 2.0 we can conclude that all arguments are following what Edward De Bono said "I am right, you are wrong". No water logic all are hard rock logic. People can say that the philosophy of Bersih 2.0 are all to end the BN Government.


Anonymous said…
BN which is led by Umno is a corrupt party to the core. It appointed corrupt people to head Risda & Felda and both PM and DPM are corrupt.

So it is a religious and national dut to bury these corrupt leaders. Umno is a stupid party if it allows corrupt people to lead it. Umno members should be intelligent enough to recognize the fact and reality that only honest and clean people should helm Umno if it wants to pursue its objectives of fighting for the malays.

Corrupt people everywhere only fight for their interest, the interest of their family and cronies.

A real waste of public funds if a self proclaim oversea educated malay like you can't differentiate what corrupt people could do for the demise of Umno and the nation.
Anonymous said…
TG Nik Aziz khabarnya tidak akan menghadiri BERSIH 2.0 pada 9 Julai nanti, sebaliknya akan melakukan ziarah makam Imam Al-Bukhari dan Imam At-Tirmidzi di Uzbekistan bermula esok.

TG Nik Aziz akan berlepas dari Lapangan Terbang Sultan Ismail Petra jam 6.30 pagi sebelum menaiki pesawat ke Uzbekistan di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur pada pukul 11.00 pagi.

TG Nik Aziz turut mengangkut beberapa orang wakil rakyat seperti ADUN Limbongan, ADUN Meranti, ADUN Kemumin dan ADUN Lanas dalam 'percutian' tersebut.

Rombongan makan angin kerajaan negeri Kelantan akan berada selama dua hari di Uzbekistan sebelum berlepas ke Dubai untuk menuju ke Madinah. Rombongan pemakan angin yang diketuai oleh poknik itu hanya akan pulang pada 10 Julai iaitu sehari selepas BERSIH 2.0 diadakan!
Anonymous said…
Nik Aziz tak ikut rally BERSIH tak apa. BERSIH bukannya perjuangan bersandarkan personaliti; BERSIH berlandaskan prinsip keadilan dan ketelusan, Bukan berlandaskan Anwar atau Ambiga. UMNO boleh penjarakan atau ISAkan sesiapa mereka mau, tetapi bolehkah mereka memenjarakan minda rakyat dan pengundi yg mahukan keadilan dan ketelusan dlm proses pilihanraya?

sri hartamas
Anonymous said…
Anon Sri Hartamas,
Apa ke bendanya isu yang Ambiga nak bawa ini tak ada substance lansung. Ambiga you better do your lawyer's works rather than intefering wrongly in the matter of the government. Let politicians do their works.
Anonymous said…
sri hartamas yang bengong,
banyak caranya untuk menyelesaikan masalah tanpa memberi masalah kapada oranglain yang tidak bermasalah.masalahnya ambiga suka memberi masalah kepada orang lain sehinggakan orang lain terpaksa pula menyelesaikan masalah yang ditimbulkan oleh ambiga.ramai orang akan terlibat dan ini tidak mejadi masalah kepada ambiga.dia takda masalah.kalau berlaku huru hara susah2 dia cabut lari ke negara tuannya iaitu amerika.yang jadi masalahnya rakyat yang tinggal di negara ini yang sememangnya sebelum ini pun dah bermasalah.tambah pula dengan masalah sumbangan ambiga.maka masalah pun bertambah2.inilah masalahnya srihartamas yang bengong.

kutukan dewata:

haram bagi orang islam terpekik2 di jalanan yang jadi laluan orang ramai.jadi sebelum menyertai bersih kaji dulu hukum hakamnya.itu pun kalau beragama islam.

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