Managing Bersih 2.0 Rally "The King Ghaz Way"

The great ex-Home Minister King Ghaz.

This Bersih rally on 9th July 2011 is supposely claimed by the oppositions leaders and NGOs as to uphold free election and democratic principles.

Malaysian has experinced 12 general elections (GE) so far and some opposition parties managed to capture certain states. The oppositions use Bersih rally for political purpose.

The oppositions based on Bersih 1.0 in 1997 succeeded in employing 50,000 supporters in streets demo hence by coincident did well in GE 12 captured 5 states.

They believe that this Bersih 2.0 rally could give Pakatan Rakyat advantages. They want to raise people emotions. They plan to overthrow this curent goverment if anything chaos happen by blaming the government.

Illegal gathering is prohibited by the law especially without permit. Why rally at streets? Why not at closed building or in stadium. This Malaysia has law and order. It seems that the oppositions cannot forsee that such a huge rally cannot be control. If someone torch fire it will easily burn the emotions and one cannot imagine "the anarchy state".

While the oppositions promote the Bersih rally, the Perkasa and Pemuda UMNO Malaysia also wanted to do the rally in their terms. We can forsee the conflicts between these groups.

Both leaders are really hard on still promoting and exercising the rally that will cause teribble hardness to business community and people.

The military had already asked the police if the police wants to any helps to neutralise the Bersih rally. The police so far declined. Is up to Home Minister Hishammuddin. He said the police will use the present laws available  not ISA to manage the situation.

Latest development is that Hishamuddin will shows his true colour to prove to Malaysian people that he is not "The Always Warning Minister Type". Hishamuddin will adopt managing Bersih Rally " The King Ghaz Way".

WZWH really needs another posting to write extensively what is "The King Ghaz way".  Who is King Ghaz? Just read this.

King Ghaz told that do not let anything worse happen. Get the people not the organization involved. WZWH interpretes that Hishamuddin "gets the leaders" for both parties concern. WZWH hope Hishamuddin really understand the message-"Managing Bersih 2.0 Rally The King Ghaz Way"!


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