Simple Economics Facts That Pakatan Rakyat Failed To Comprehend!

What is the best thing about Malaysia ? Instead of food, climate, people , yes of course. PEACE and SECURITY are the best two words to describe Malaysia. Currently Malaysia is ranked 19 in peace stability country in the world.

We live in a harmonious country. This is what we must cherish. Don't take this lightly. We are playing with fire when politicians start to meddle into questioning the social contract. Malays , Indians and Chinese as well as other Bumiputeras, live in this heaven called Malaysia due to the wisdom of our founding fathers in managing race relations.To think about it, all of us are living quite decently in this country. This Barang Naik phenomena is a global issue related to the oil price partly. We should blame the Americans for starting the War in the Middle East which ignite the escalation of fuel price. If Pakatan Rakyat wins the 13th Election, they will not be able to reduce the price of goods and services as that action will eat up the country's reserves. As the war persist in Iraq and Afghanistan, the price of fuel will increase consistently. I bet my last ringgit that the PR government will resort to asking the rakyat to be prudent in spending in order to curb inflation. Changing government will not change the inflation rate. Price goes up when demand is more than supply. As demands drop when price is too high than , prices will self adjust. Inflation also is due to high employment rate. They go hand in hand. Its just an economic condition with lots of variables with no one specific to blame. Singapore is going through very bad inflation...Barang Naik and even United Kingdom..Barang Naik... What is the solution ?Nevertheless if we talk about reality, our inflation rate is below 4%. Still a manage-able condition as we subsidize lots of consumer goods in this country. Look at the chart below.

Inflation rate - Malaysia

Compare to other countries Inflation rates 

There are dungus out there at times don't know what the hell they are talking about when they complained about Barang Naik. Venezuela inflation rate is way beyond 20%. Prices of consumer goods in Brazil goes up and down in an hourly intervals.

Where do we rank in South East Asia in terms of inflation ?

Employment vs Unemployment rate in Malaysia 

The above chart well illustrate the unemployment rate in Malaysia. From July 2009 till June 2011, we manage to keep the rate at below 3%. That means we have a very high employment rate. The country has got everything going for everybody. Why do Bangladeshis, Iranians, Arabs, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesians and other races from other parts of the world kept on coming to our country. Work. Thats it. They come here because we have work for them to do

As our employment rate remain the process we create inflation (partly) when we don't curb our spending spree. I still remember that back in the 70's , we eat chicken once a month. Today, we must eat chicken every day. Look at KFC revenues and net profits in Malaysia ? We have a choice actually.

The primary reason why people stay employed is because FI - Foreign Investors believe in coming to our country to do business and open up factories. Why do they believe in us ? We have political stability. We thrived because of that. That means the current ruling BN government policies worked. They developed and maintained the infrastructures and we the rakyat get jobs cause we have plenty of investors coming here setting up business centers, factories as well as our own businesses. All these kept the employment sector going strong year in, year out. 

What the Opposition parties are trying to do is to shift that balance of political stability and cause disharmony at the expense of the rakyat so that the whole country is in chaos. The Oppositions attack the ruling government by upsetting the political stability. That is the core to the success of Barisan Nasional. To upset the political stability, Pakatan Rakyat must create holes in the racial harmony in Malaysia under pretext of justice for the people. Pakatan Rakyat must drive the whole nation crazy just to achieve their political ambition. DAP will cause the Malays to fight against the Chinese. PAS and PKR will create enough trouble for the Malays to fight against Malays. Once that happens, the Oppositions will cuci tangan and blame the ruling government for it. Do we want that to happen ? 

The BERSIH RALLY 2.0 is designed for that. Wake up Malaysians ! Don't allow stupid Pembangkang to create trouble in Malaysia ! I hope Kementerian Dalam Negeri will look into this matter seriously or else, all hell will break loose. (Extract from blog Anti Pakatan Rakyat).


Anonymous said…
Actually your brain is defective in understanding the simplistic of the issue.
Wake up! don't allow the stupid BN/UMNO abuse their power and think the rakyat are stupid.
We need peace and security-yes, but we also need freedom without fear of being threaten by ISA and transparent government without abusing OSA and all government instruments as a tool to hang on to power.
You want to be stupid then go ahead and please don't drag others. Or else just tell the rakyat how the government spent the money! procuring military hardwares at exorbitant price or spending silly amount just to set face book! or commonnnnn or just tell the rakyat where the RM 81k came from for the engagement of PM's daughter?
Be truthful, no manipulation and that is simple! don't be a dimwit!
Join BERSIH will you so that the future of your kids and generation will be protected.
Anonymous said…
hi orang di atas,
ko gi lah sokong keling ambiga tu.ko jadi la mat sabun kipas punggung musuh islam kaki depend orang murtad.aku nak tengok ko berarak dengan geng bersih tu.

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