Keeping Faith In Najib

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I had a long chat with two good friends yesterday afternoon, somewhere near this place,

One is a prominent blogger and the other an Umno guy from Johor.

Among the things that we discussed about were the increasingly vocal calls for DS Najib Razak to be replaced as the Umno president and prime minister.

Both my friends disagree with such a move.

Personally, I am undecided at the moment.

Even though I am now trying to portray myself as a hardliner, in all honesty I have always like Datuk Najib and his moderate ways.

After all I am really not good at being a hardliner anyway.

What I'm actually worried with Datuk Najib's ways of doing things at the moment was what appeared to be his over dependence on advisors who are too liberal in their views and may not care much for the Malays' future.

I told my friends that I don't see Umno or BN surviving GE14 if the same strategy by the same group of people in Datuk Najib's team being employed as it was in the run-up to the GE13.

My friend from Johor however reminded me how I had, along with my closest friends supported Datuk Najib's moderate approach, including attempts to appease the Chinese community in the hope of their support before the election.

He reminded me of how I had supported Datuk Najib's initiatives to assist the Chinese schools and had all the while been advocating for a status quo of the multiple school systems in the country.

He reminded the fact of how I had fiercely defended the Chinese schools and my insistence that the Chinese community will not totally forsake moderate Malay leaders such as Datuk Najib and former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

"You shouldn't now turn around against Najib despite that it's proven the Chinese don't care about him after all his efforts to be their friend," he said.

"What Najib did prior to GE13 was right. He has to do all he can to win back the Chinese support. Otherwise we would never know for sure the extent of their rejection towards us.

"Najib had done all he can on that matter and now that it's really proven that the Chinese were immune to his pleadings, he has to move on and come up with a new plan.

"Najib must lead the government as according to the constitution. He must care for the Malays and bumiputera as how the constitution laid it down for the government to do.

"I believe Najib will no longer try too hard to win over the Chinese like what he did prior to GE13. He will give them what are due for them but nothing more than that.

"We on our part must support Najib for what he is going to do all the way to the next general election."

My other friend, the prominent blogger concurred and insisted for all who support BN and Umno to rally around Najib for the next battle five years from now.

"We can't afford to be divided. Furthermore, currently there is no one else to lead Umno and BN," he said, adding that it is almost certain that TS Muhyiddin Yassin will not challenge DS Najib at the party election later this year.

My friend who is quite close with the Umno leadership assured me that Datuk Najib does realize the sentiment on the ground and will react accordingly.

I have always trusted this two particular friends of mine on matters such as this.

So, I will for now wait for Datuk Najib's coming decisions which I hope will inspire me to continue supporting him.

Hopefully, he will really do the right things and no one will challenge him at the party polls.


Anonymous said…
Seriuosly, I don;t have faith on him.

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